The Zemlya Conspiracy – Released


So, it’s done. 10 years after getting the idea for the story of a city at the edge of the world, inhabited by people that never age beyond 30, and protected by cybernetically enhanced warriors, The Zemlya Conspiracy is finally done.

I won’t bore you with the details of the making of the book; that has already been covered.

For those of you that read Zemlya under its working title, Arctic Gale, you don’t need any more introduction, so here is the link to the digital download:

Digital Editions:

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The Zemlya Conspiracy is the tale of Agent Kate Thorsten, an E-type agent that is recalled from patrolling the tundra that surrounds Zemlya to go undercover. Her orders are to infiltrate the rebellion that has taken root in the city and is wreaking havoc within the city walls.

But, as she dives deeper into the underbelly of the City, she finds herself cut off from her superiors, and must challenge the web of conspiracy on her own.

The action sequences are fast-paced, and the plot will keep drawing you forward as you get as lost as Kate and her companions in the world of Zemlya.


So that’s the blurb out of the way. What else can I say to make you click the link and buy it? Here’s a couple of reasons.

Médecins Sans Frontières

Those of you that are familiar with Katawa Shoujo will know that 4Leaf Studios (of which I was a part) released the game for free. A lot of people still wanted to pay us in some way, so we suggested that they donated to charity. If someone didn’t have a “charity” of their own, we suggested Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) as a default alternative. There are a number of reasons for this, but I digress.

One thing that I never did during the 4Leaf experience was actually contribute my own donation to that organisation (I give to other groups). However, since Katawa Shoujo was a big motivator for my writing, I’ve decided that half of what I get from the sale of Zemlya will be donated to MSF. It’s just one of those benefits of self-publishing.

So, if you ever wanted to give to MSF, then now is your chance, and you get a book in return!

Stretch Goals

I realise that a lot of people will be reading this and thinking “I don’t care about this unless it is a continuation of Katawa Shoujo.” And that’s a fair call. Unfortunately, Zemlya is a very, very far cry from Katawa Shoujo. So to placate those of you that might have accidentally clicked on this link thinking that I was making KS2, here are some promises for you:

  • I have a paperback version in the works. It will be one of those Amazon deals where you can pay a little extra to get both the digital and paperback. I’m expecting it will be ready in October.
  • If I get to 5,000 copies sold in 2016, I’ll write A Runner’s Afternoon 3. A lot of people have requested it, so now is you chance to find out what happens to adult Hanako and Hisao
  • If I get more than 10,000 copies sold, I’ll write another mini-series, like Final Finale based on the KS universe.


If these get surpassed then I’ll start adding more, like a million for trying to talk everyone into a sequel… if that were even possible.


There are a huge number of people that I have to thank for getting this far, and they are all mentioned in the acknowledgements page of the book. But the people I want to thank the most are you guys, on this blog. I know that there aren’t many of you, and that whatever I’m posting isn’t enough to get most of you back daily, but I’m going to start working on that from now.


Chocolate Rain



Holy crap. Tay Zonday just followed me.


I have literally gone a little insane over waiting for my cover, especially as the artist has finished other commissions ahead of mine.

Still too polite and afraid of pissing off artist to say anything about it though.

Crud vs the Church


I think that maybe I don’t act nerdy enough.

At Comiket, we have a lot of people coming to our table, seeing some white guy standing there, and then they ask me, “Hey, are any of the ‘creators’ here?”

I mean, sure, I’m not as prolific as someone like Weee, and I can barely keep up the meager  subscription base I have here, but I thought that at least maybe someone would recognise me. A couple of our regulars (yes, we actually have regulars at Comiket) will say hi, but that’s a minority.

So I think that I need to re-up my nerd cred.

I was watching JonTron’s latest episode about the Christian attitude to RPGs:


Somehow, it reminded me of something from about 20 years ago.

Back in those days, I was really into tabletop war games, like Warhammer 40,000 and Battletech. I used to think that I was actually pretty good at it, but this was a lie. Fun fact: my first paying job was picking up dog turds so that I could buy minatures.

Anyway, I set up a gaming club which was basically just my friends. I have always had this desire to lead things… I think…

So we were trying to find a venue that would cost no money (you know, so I wouldn’t have to pick up so much dog shit) and would let us have a tournament. One of the places that would let you use their hall for free was a local church. Now, I need to admit that I’m an Atheist, and have been that way since 7, so I didn’t really know any of the rules about churches.

The pastor was kind, and was happy to take our reservation. I think he was happy to have new people coming to the church. So the room was booked and the invitations to our tournament were sent out.

Then the call came.

“Excuse me, son, but these games… they wouldn’t happen to have witches or magic in them, would they?” asked the pastor.

“Well, not really. It’s set in the future so it’s more about space an aliens.”

“Hmm,” I could hear him thinking about it on the phone. “Sorry, but I can’t let you use our hall.”

In the end we had to change the venue and found a council hall that would let us rent it. We all had to pitch in to pay for the place.


Now that I think about it, I realise that I am too tired to make this story interesting. I punched a guy at the tournament though. That is still an embarrassment to me to this day, especially because I won


Yeah. So there you go. I used to pick up shit so I could buy Warhammer figures and I pissed off a church because they were afraid of witches and spells. On the upside, I managed to write the first draft of our C91 light novel. I’m not good at writing Yuri but I figure that Weee will do some pictures that will save it.