List of places to take kids in Tokyo

This is a work in Progress. I’m adding things as I go along but I wanted to get it up now…

I know that I should have done this a long time ago, and I’ll work on it when I have more than 15% battery…

Tokyo Fire Museum

In Yotsuya, central Tokyo. 5 floors of Fire Department fun

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Tokyu Train/Bus Museum

A little museum about half an hour from Shibuya on the Den-En Toshi line. It’s only small, with a couple of old trains and busses. But kids of all ages can have a play with the controls, including some realistic simulators and miniature railways with cameras inside. It’s only 200 yen for entry but some of the simulators require an additional payment.

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Shinagawa Aqua Park

This is a mid-sized aquarium in Shinagawa. There are a few little displays, like a jellyfish forest, and a walk-through tube-type aquarium, but the main show is the dolphin and whale show, which happens every 90 minutes. There are lights, a computerized waterfall and music, and two different shows per day (a day and a night show).

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Ueno Park

Ueno Park is a collection of a number of museums, art galleries and a city zoo. The zoo isn’t so great; the animals are kept in small concrete cages. But if you want to get close to the animals then it’s ok for that. However there are a number of science and history museums and a number of differently themed art galleries. Plus there are large green areas to run around and a couple of playgrounds as well. So you can usually just head there and then find something that suits your mood.

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