One day the unmotivated layabout, Peter, meets a beautiful woman at his usual hangout.

This meeting chaned his life, for better or for worse.

I intend this to be a short story, but I like the concept. I will try to post a little each fortnight, as time allows. I will also be editing and so forth as I go along, so expect each “Page” to change as we go along.

I am also sharing my working copy of this manuscript via Google Docs: Dreamer – Working Copy. Feel free to watch as I do my thing, or to comment on this page about things that you see there.



I have closed this one early. I think the story could go on for a lot longer, but I am kind of sick of writing it. I will explain more in a blog post. Perhaps I’ll re-use the idea in the future.

3 thoughts on “Daydream

  1. I can see how such a simple concept can get irritating. But just reading it myself, I found it quite quaint. It could easily be a short story as it is right now, and I would still love it.

    heheh. I just like the simplicity in the story telling aspect.

    1. I’m not sure if the simplicity was deliberate or not.

      I have this problem in that I almost completely write a scene in my mind when I’m nowhere near a writing implement. By the time I actually sit down and write it I’ve already completely lived the scene, and so I’m already aware of all the details. So I skip over things. Instead of carefully describing a glass of water; the condensentaion slowly forming beads on the surface of the cup, moistening the coaster, I just say “There was a cup of water.”

      Also, I rarely (if ever) re-read something once I’ve written it, so there’s never a check to make sure what is going on in my head correlates to the finished work. A bad habit; one that I need to stomp out…

      1. I do the exact same thing, ideas often come to me while I’m walking around, and when I finally sit down at the computer I end up rushing it and forgetting stuff because it’s not fresh in my mind any more.

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