Some time in Asia

I like to travel. I like to experience new things. That being said, sometimes you just get burned out and want to sit at home and binge-watch Archer or something. Burnout is a real thing, and it’s a little insidious. Initially, you don’t realise that anything is different, but if you get the chance to … More Some time in Asia

Weird Japanese Festivals – The Scarecrow Festival

Japan is a really diverse country; especially for one so homogeneous when it comes to the population. This is partly due to the island nature of the country, and partially due to the oppressive rule of the shogunate that lasted from 1192-1860-ish. This restricted the movement of commoners, so different prefectures developed a lot of … More Weird Japanese Festivals – The Scarecrow Festival

Jetlag Express

I’m not sure how it affects others, but to me, Jet Lag is like a net that envelops your brain. When you wake up you feel its presence. I usually think, quite optimistically, that this is just the normal “tiredness” that will go away with breakfast and a coffee. An adequate dose of caffeine and … More Jetlag Express

A white guy in Osaka

Yeah, I know, there are thousands of examples of the Tokyo vs Osaka differences in pretty much everything that has come from Japan. And yes, they are contradictory. People from Kansai (the greater Osaka region, for want of a better word) are more open, more relaxed and slightly more friendly than people from Tokyo. Except … More A white guy in Osaka