Figures for Sale

Hi All.   I’m not sure if any of you are into figures, but if you are, I have a couple for sale. We’re going to move out of this apartment at the end of the year, so we are starting to shed a lot of stuff now (to make the move easier).   So … More Figures for Sale

On Business Travel

How many days, how many cities, how many continents has it been since I was last able to post? I’ve lost count. Honestly, I’m trying to remember the last thing that I posted here. Was it about the Zero-hour Zombie Hobo? It turns out that there wasn’t any flesh in the stomach of the man who was … More On Business Travel

You Tube Interviews

Just a short one today as I am feeling a little guilty, but that guilt is losing to fatigue. Shintai from Youtube posted an interview he did with me on Skype a few weeks back. Today we recorded a follow-up interview. I imagine this will be hitting the shelves in a week or so (I … More You Tube Interviews