28th Birthday

Something stirs inside of me. I roll over in bed, searching for my phone. I over-reach and the now too-familiar pain in my wrist causes me to wince. Still, it’s better than before. Four months with the wrist brace and I have to admit there has been improvement. The tendonitis probably would have been better … More 28th Birthday

Looking over fields

I’m not sure if I’ve used this analogy before, but when I was given the offer to move to Tokyo and take over the Asian division of my company, I likened it to standing on a hill, overlooking fields. You know that you have to build a city there, but no-one is going to tell … More Looking over fields

The Zemlya Conspiracy – (A novel by Cpl Crud)

US Amazon (Paperback also available here) Kobo Books Zemlya is an isolated city, surrounded by an impassable tundra. The city is protected from the elements by a giant wall, and defended by cybernetically enhanced soldiers that make sure that no-one leaves the city. Many have tried but none survive. Kate is one of these agents, and … More The Zemlya Conspiracy – (A novel by Cpl Crud)