So, I’m in the last days before I go fully public with The Zemlya Confederacy. There are literally two proof copies on my desk; one for the Comiket committee (you need to submit one of every item you’re selling there to them) and one for @NotImportant, my editor (and now writer and art director for my new … More Nostalgia…

Conspiracy Theories

I have a bit of a soft spot for conspiracy theories, even though I know that most of them are not real. So you can put down your tinfoil hats or pitchforks and forget about it. Conspiracy theories have been one of the greatest sources of fiction out there. No one person is capable of … More Conspiracy Theories

Winter Comiket

There is a link at the end of this page, so make sure you read everything. It snowed for the first time in 10 years at Comiket this year. For the two hundred thousand people waiting out in the cold, it was likely a welcome distraction. If you’ve not heard of the Comic Market, or … More Winter Comiket

5-Star Photos

As today (20th October 2017) marks 10 years since my first trip here, I decided to go through all my photos and make a short collection. However, instead of only finding about 10-20, I ended up picking about 300. That’s a few too many, so I went through it again and culled it down a … More 5-Star Photos