The Historia Blog Puzzle

I believe that I’ve mentioned here that I’m a bit of a Cold War history enthusiast. One of the most interesting parts of this history is the spy game; how nations would gather more information on each other and actively play a way in shaping the course of the Cold War.

There’s guys like Kim Philby, who, with his spy ring which was planted heavily in MI5, MI6 and the CIA, was able to foil multiple plans of the Western powers to topple the Soviet Union.

There’s Agent Farewell, a Russian who was just sick of not getting a promotion and walked out of his office with thousands of pages of documents. He then tried to escape by murdering his girlfriend (as that would have had a lesser sentence) but was eventually found out.

Or Tolkachev, who slipped a CIA agent in Moscow a note that said he wanted to spy… three times… before they found out that he had access to all of Russia’s radar research.

Or the time where spies stopped WWIII happening around Able Archer ’83.

So I’ve liked listening to Numbers Stations and trying to guess what they were saying.

Then there are the modern cryptographs; hiding data in other pieces of data, like the Cicada 3301 tests. And even when the technology goes up, sometimes it’s the simplest tricks, like skip codes,. morse, or one-time-pads that work the best.

To that end, I wanted to make a similar Cryptographic puzzle for Historia. It’s relatively short, but if you’ve not looked into these and you’re keen on having a play, here’s all you need to know.

There are three blog posts on the Historia Blog and one Youtube video. If you manage to decode everything, there will be a single sentence that you need to email to the Lucid A96 email address (

The first correct answer will get $100 from me. Anyone after that (before the solution goes public) will get free (and possibly advance) access to the rest of the Historia chapters.

There’s also some more background information to the Historia universe, so I would advise you to inspect everything.

Happy Hunting.

So here are the links:

Doug’s Poem: rainbow is the key.

Field Trip Report: Nepean Sand and Gravel

Ma’xs House

Youtube Announcement

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