The Zemlya Conspiracy – Free Promotion

Please note: This promotion has ended, but please leave a review if you picked up the book! Also, if you order the Paperback then you can get the EBook for free…!

Hello all!


To help celebrate the completion of the first draft of The Zemlya Confederacy, I’ll be giving away the E-book version of The Zemlya Conspiracy for free on Amazon from the 10th of August to the 15th of August.
I know that Amazon’s clocks are all over the place but you should be able to find it during that period.

Here is the link to the page. Of course, please feel free to also pick up the paperback as well!

Also, if you’ve bought the paperback version of The Zemlya Conspiracy then you’re entitle to the digital version for free anyway (so long as you bought both through Amazon).


Please share this message as far as you can and I hope that I don’t keep you all waiting too long for the edits to the sequel!

Also, if you’ve read the book please leave a comment on the Amazon page. This really helps me get visibility in the Amazon algorithm – which is a basic requirement for any kind of success these days! I’m really hoping that you can help me out here.



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