A short Update…

So, if you’re not following me on Twitter (@OneillCam) then you may have missed the fact that I’ve now finished the first draft of the Zemlya sequel.




It’s called The Zemlya Confederacy, and now begins the work of trawling through it for logical errors and the like.


I’ll have to say that I really enjoyed writing this, and Scriviner made it a breeze. I’ve been going into work an hour early every morning for the past month or so to allow myself to write, and will probably do so again when I get to the point of making the editing changes.


The way I work is this: I print it out so that I can read the story in a new medium. I think that this is even more important this time as I went with a non-linear writing style. I take my notes, then shelve it for a fortnight before typing in the changes (so that I get a chance to process it). Then it’s time for an on-screen read (via Kindle or something) and then it’s off to some beta readers.


So we’re still some months away. I think last time it took nearly a year from this point to release, but the last couple of months were waiting for Doomfest to finish the cover…

I’m not sure about the editing though. Last time I paid for an editor and whilst I think that the feedback was great, it was expensive when compared to the return on the book. I guess we’ll see how we go after a read through.


Apologies for not going the serialised route on this one; there were so many changes between the blog and the final version of Zemlya Conspiracy that it just felt embarrassing to post the original here…!


But thank you all for the ongoing support nonetheless, and I’ll return to posts about culture and the like after this week. I have a piece about Japan and the Innovator’s Dilemma already in my head, so I just need to type that out…!


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