What I’m up to

I know that I want to try and turn this into more of a cultural commentary blog, and I’ll also try not to do any more drunk posts (but I can’t promise that).


But, in the odd case that anyone here is interested in my creative side, let me show you something.


I’ve found Scrivener to be really useful. Initially I thought it was a bit of a tool for procrastination; you could muck around with layouts, templates, corkboards and tags for hours. And I did.

But then, when you’ve got the whole thing laid out… wow. It just accelerates how you write. And if you’ve set it up properly, you have the ability to skip between sections easily – perfect for those “What was that guy’s last name again?” moments that you have when writing over a few months.

I’ve been lucky that for the last three weekends I’ve been away from home and with only limited things to do, so I’ve managed to make a fair chunk into Zemyla 2 – the sequel no-one wanted. I’m going to try and keep myself disciplined, and if I can do so, then I should have a first draft ready this year. That’s a little amazing to me, considering just how damned long it took to write The Zemlya Conspiracy – about 9 years go to woah (although that includes a 5-year break around KS).

I guess that this means that I probably won’t be a part of the Summer Komiket 4LS production, but we were aiming for an artbook anyway. The release version of Dreamer will probably be up at some point on the 4LS blog, so keep an eye out for that.

I’m not sure why but I’ve decided to keep the progress of Zemlya 2 to myself. Firstly, Scrivener is allowing me to write in a much less linear mode, so I’m skipping around a little more. And, looking at the stats of the progress reports from TZC, there weren’t that many people reading it here anyway. Unless there is a post about Hanako’s return or condoms, no-one seems to care…! And when I read over those first posts, damn they make me cringe.

Anyway, I’m delaying this by a week so I’m hoping that by the time you read this I’ll be closer to 25,000 words (The final TZC was 88,000 so I guess this is a bit of an underestimate – although the first draft was only about 81,000).


So, if you’re into my writing – don’t fear. There are at least 3 other people in the world like you. And there is more to come. I’ve received some bits of praise for TZC that have emboldened me, including from an actual author who writes his own books for a living. So that is neat.


I’ll try and discuss multinational culture again next time…


Thanks for your attention and support!


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