Some shots of Tokyo

I really like Tokyo.

I came from a tiny village just outside of Sydney so I’m not really used to big cities. Even Sydney doesn’t really count as a “big” city when you look around the world. So I always find Tokyo fun.

It’s also a city that only seems to work because it’s in Japan. If you look at Beijing, which is similar in population, area and GDP equivalent, it’s a completely different city, with horns blaring 24/7 and a completely different vibe.

Sure, Tokyo has its problems. The trains are sardine cans, and there is very little human interaction on the streets, but there are 13-35 million people within the metropolis at any given time, and surely you can find a couple of people you want to hang out with within that mass. And the addiction to quality means that no matter what you’re into, from art, to science to aquariums, you know that if you go and see something in Tokyo that you’re going to enjoy it.


So I managed to get some photos from a building near my place, looking back into Tokyo. I hope you enjoy.

This is looking from the South towards the centre of the city. Tokyo Tower is just to the right of centre on the horizon. TO the left of that is Roppongi, and if you follow the line of the road you can see Shibuya and Shinjuku.
Tokyo Tower on Jan 1st, 2017. From about 10 km away (400mm lens)
A closer view of Roppongi and Shibuya

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