Ok, I’ll admit, I feel good about this. I was originally expecting to donate more, however I guess it’s better than nothing. So any of you that wanted to donate to MSF in the past but never did, if you bought Zemlya, know that I’ve kicked in a bit on your behalf.

However, there is an interesting side-effect of posting this. I’ll admit that I’m trying to avoid constantly checking the stats of Zemlya (it’s about as disenchanting as checking the stats on this blog), so I’m avoiding the page. I didn’t realise that I’d already run a couple of fruitless ad campaigns and a count-down deal… Anyway. Maybe I just need to do that Kobo version I’ve been putting off for a month now.

But when I checked the page so that I could get a link, I noticed this:


The Zemlya Conspiracy is totally self-published and print-on-demand. I also know that the “5 used” means that someone is either lying, or maybe that Zemlya is just that bad that a high percentage of the people buying it want to get rid of it. And a total of 15 paperbacks, I’m sorry to admit, is almost the entire print run so far.


It appears that when you list an ISBN that some shops are simply able to list those books on your site, regardless of if you actually own the physical book or not.

In a way I’m grateful, it means that slowly the wheels are turning and maybe sales will pick up. If there were a few more reviews that would be great (a side note: if any of you have purchased a signed copy, the last mailing was done last week so you should have them soon), and then maybe this is just an experiment in the Long Tail; that darling theory of digital sales that basically says “leave things available forever and maybe get a return.”



Anyway, even though it was all a small donation, it felt good to give to MSF. As I mentioned in the release post, I haven’t managed to make a donation to them before, so I think this is the start of something good.


And, I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but I’ve put up an “Easter Egg” page for Zemlya. I’ll probably put more things there once they come to mind…


In other news, I’ve finished the script of the short (about 10-15 page) story that Weee and I will be presenting at Comiket. I’d like to do a dual-language version (English and Japanese) but we’ll see what happens. If anyone will be at that show this year then please drop by the 4LS Japan booth. I’ll also bring a dozen or so copies of Zemlya just in case someone wants it there…




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