The next step…

I guess I should warn you all – I’m going to keep pushing the Zemlya barrow until it gets popular. So I’ll likely embed questions etc into each post until I get more than a sale a day…


But, I also know that I need to think about the future. At the moment, my life feels a little like a 24-hour carousel. Shortly after I wake up at 0600 it’s already midnight and I’m trying to go back to sleep. Such is life in an international company and with kids.


I’ve been basking in the glory of finishing Zemyla for some time now. I mean, I finished my first editing pass over a year ago (I wrote a note in there to myself to remind me of the occasion), but I kind of thought that I would want to have a follow-up novel as a partner to the Conspiracy. I’m thinking “Confederacy” would be a good angle.

Then I think about the mountain of work that goes into it, especially because this time, like the re-writes of KS, I have a much better idea of what I’m doing and how to do it, and it doesn’t start by randomly bashing out works and then changing character’s genders half-way through the editing process.


Also, I’m thinking about what to do here. I’m thinking that I should stop moping here (as I’m not actually a mopey person) and start to post interesting things that I see around the world. I mean, I have the good luck to have a packed travel schedule (it feels weird to be home for more than 2 weeks) so I should share that luck with y’all.



3 thoughts on “The next step…

  1. Hey nerd I’m reading zemlya atm I’m quite liking it, it reminds me of Neil Stephenson. I bought the version for my kindle, as much as I like physical books I need to ascetic-ize my life.

    I met Moekki and Kamifish last year at Smash! in Sydney, I think they’re usually there. They go by JJ and EB I think now. They said they’ve never met you, you should go to Smash and join their booth, maybe you could even get a panel. It’s a huge convention, one of the best of any in Australia. I am bloody tired of Supanova and all that, but Smash! and PAX are tops.

    Also, I usually get my reviews of a book if any from Amazon comments and Goodreads. Also reddit.

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