I can’t have nice things

For a long time, I’ve craved things that are usually beyond my ability to purchase them. Yet, whenever I really wanted something, I would somehow find a way (this would usually involve eating nothing but rice for weeks on end, taking on extra work where possible and shunning all sense of a social life).

Since the things that I “want” are usually damned expensive, it takes a while to save for them and then even longer to commit to buying them. For example, my headphones were about UD$800; that’s not the kind of thing you buy on a whim (I did also once fall into some kind of insanity spiral and buy a $1800 set of headphones, but sold them to buy my current camera).

And in that time, I research the crap out of what it is that I want. Before I buy something I can pretty much recite the spec sheet and also the opinions of the relevant authorities on whatever thing it is that I want to buy.

It’s also kind of what I used to do for work when designing big systems, and in that sense it worked out well for me.


However, there is a downside to this.

There are a couple of sales fundamentals that are being broken here. The first is exciting the customer, the other is under promising and over delivering. If you’re in sales, these are golden rules, no matter the industry.

But, by knowing everything about a product before you buy it: when you get it, it’s just not that exciting. And this always happens to me. I get so wound up about buying something, and then when the stars align and I make my purchase, I am happy for about 30 seconds and then I go back to wanting one of the other things on my list. It’s actually enough to make me not want to buy things, even though I kind of have the means to do so now…

Either that, or I just start buying stuff randomly.


Anyway, another point here is reviews for Zemlya. Where do you guys get your information about books? I’m a terrible example as I’m only really getting books through word of mouth. So if you’ve read Zemlya and think it’s all right, please jump on the various message boards around the world and let people know.

But if you know of a good review site or something, please let me know and I’ll post it there.




5 thoughts on “I can’t have nice things

  1. Well these are how I decide to buy books, really…
    1) Walk into a bookshop and look at the covers and read the blurb.
    2) TV tropes (Most of my books)
    3) New books by an author (Brent Weeks)
    4) Book recommendations from an author (E.E. Knight)
    5) Dead but famous authors (Asimov, Clarke)
    6) New books in a series (w40k, dragonlance)
    7) Recommendations from a friend with similar taste.

  2. I like:

    It usually offers a different mix of opinions and the site itself encourages more lengthy and well written reviews instead of the usual “10/10 I luv it!” or “0/10 it sux”.
    The site also works as a social network, so you can make an account, follow the reviews and activities of an specific user (there are even some certified ones), and join communities about different topics and authors.

    And whenever I want to double-check, I just search for any blog that happens to have a review of the book I’m interested in.

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