Ok, I’ll make more of a splash about this closer to the weekend (when people seem to be paying attention), but if you go onto the Amazon site of your choice, you should now be able to see The Zemlya Conspiracy in paperback. I will admit, it feels a little emotional to hold a paperback in your hands.

American Amazon link with both formats

For those of you people that actually want to have something written in a copy with my terrible handwriting, then please let me know. I have a few copies coming my way, I:’m happy to write a message in them and send them to you. Just hit me up on Twitter DM or email or whatever. The only issue is that the shipping might end up being a little more expensive as I will have to post them to myself first and then to you.

Please, if you’re a fan of my work, spread this around. I don’t mind being a whore and flooding my twitter stream with self-promotion, but that only has a limited reach. A couple of posts on Reddit or 4chan or whatever will always help. And if you know of any good websites/people that do reviews, please let me know so that I can get in contact with them and send them a copy to look at.1474980846492

And thanks to those of you that have already written reviews! Feels good, man.


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