A weird week in Asia

As a manager looking after the Asian region, I have to cover a lot of territory, hence the high amount of travel. It’s tiring, but it’s also enjoyable.


One of the perks of this kind of job is being able to see all sorts of weird and wonderful stuff that comes from the mash-up of cultures and languages.


I’m not sure why, but for some reason the last couple of weeks have provided me with a crazy number of photos, and so I thought I’d throw them all up here to share.

Human Centipede in Mouse form

I think it all started in the Japanese National Science Museum. There were a heap of cool things (as you normally do in a museum), but this one took the cake. In some kind of effort to show the life circle of a mouse, they have stitched a bunch of mice in various stages of development together. Unfortunately, because I am a bad person and have watched The Human Centipede, this was all I could think of. I tweeted the photo which was then re-tweeted by the creator/director of the Human Centipede trilogy, making it reach more people than I would have hoped.

Animals as Art

Next up, in the lobby of a hotel, I found these transparent fish that had been dyed to turn them into works of art.

I was keen to get one until I saw the price was in the thousands of dollars…

Anyone who questions the power of Japanese conglomerates should have a chat to Bowie

Next up, walking around Tokyo, I saw these signs. Apparently death isn’t enough to get you out of a contract in Japan, so I’m looking forward to Zombie Bowie’s concert next year. It’s going to be awesome.


Heavenly Wang. Nuff said.

At least he has a helmet on…

The last thing that I had the chance to take a photo of was this great scene on a Malaysian highway. The motorbike is travelling at about 60 km/h (I think that is about 35mph) and towing a standard bicycle. This is probably the first and only time I’ve seen a guy on a bicycle wearing a helmet anywhere in Asia (it’s law to wear a helmet in Aus so I still feel weird about it here…).

Purple Moon

And lastly, on the way back from Jakarta, the light haze from burning off old growth forest to plant farmed tress turned the moon a nice pink/purple. Unfortunately I only had my phone on me but the lax regulations on air pollution in some of the Asian countries leads to really spectacular sun/moon rise/sets. Maybe I’ll take my camera next time.

Anyway, in the dead period between now and Zemlya’s release will probably see more of these posts. I’m also going to be re-writing “Dreamer” for Fuyukomi and translating that into Japanese so I had better pull my finger out.


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