Pause and Effect

Le sigh.

I’m on leave right now. It’s a rare thing. The last couple of times I’ve taken leave have been for mundane things like moving house or childbirth. This is probably the first time I’ve taken more than a day off in a few years with the express purpose of doing nothing.

Part of me wanted to use this time to release Zemlya. It’s already uploaded into the ISBN and Amazon databases, and I’ve drafted the release post already. I’ve locked the Word file so that I don’t keep fiddling with it; each time I do I get panicked and try to think of a friend that hasn’t read it yet to proof-read it for me.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about not having a hobby. That’s not entirely true; writing is a hooby, as is photography. I should really be sitting down and thinking about a new novel or something, but really, I can’t. I went to an Onsen (a hot spring) over the weekend; a place where I can usually stop doing anything for a few hours, soak in volcanic waters, and devise plot lines or business strategies.


But right now, I can’t. I really had to force myself to write this post as well. Because I have Zemlya loaded and ready to go (just awaiting the cover), I can’t get my mind off the topic. But there’s very little left to do there, so I’m kind of stuck. (There are also some work-related topics that are also clouding my memory, but that is a much more boring story than this incredibly boring story).


This reminds me of the “No Art” period in Katawa Shoujo. Most of the writers and Delta will refer to this occasionally, but I’m not sure if we ever explained it. There was a period of about a year where we had no real artists. And then, when they came on board, we were so far ahead with the script that they could never keep up. Plus there was the issue of them all getting consistent with each other…

Long story short, we thought for a long time that there would be no art at all for KS. It would just be a montage of background photos. There is a name for that kind of VN but I’ve forgotten the technical name.


Think of it like this: you’re 6, and Christmas is coming. Each day is a nightmare, and you can’t focus on anything else but those sweet, sweet gifts that you’ll unwrap on the 25th.

At the moment, every day is like that for me, but instead of convincing myself that it is only 145 sleeps (is it sad that I looked that up) to Christmas, I have no way of knowing when I will get that sweet, sweet cover art (that I know will look amazing) and can finally post this hot steaming wad of Sci-Fi.


So that’s kind of where my head is at, and why I’m currently spending most days riding around Tokyo with my kids on a Mamachari instead of staying up all night triumphantly spamming the KS Sub Reddit and 4Chan with shameless self promotion.


Ok. So now back to Twitter to refresh my DMs for the 50th time today… just in case…

Ok, so I haven’t been completely idle…




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