Nerves are kicking in…

So, the artist has sent his thumbnails and characters sketches (he is super detailed), and then has been sucked into the void of conventions.

I’ve ordered ISBNs and I’ve registered on Amazon. It turns out that I need to find out what my Japanese tax file number is else the US government will get pretty much everything…

The final proofreader is at chapter 17 and will (hopefully) get through it all this weekend.


And I am ripping my nails out in anticipation. Literally. I’m chewing on a thumbnail now. I’m trying to think of ways to promote the novel, from offering to write A Runner’s Afternoon 3, to commissioning Wee to do a 4-koma about Hanako giving Hisao a copy of AG.


And, worst of all, I can’t sleep. I’m currently in Seoul at a trade show, and it has been a punishing week, and yet it is taking me about 1.5-2 hours to calm myself down enough to sleep.

I just watched all of By Dawn’s Early Light to try and distract myself, but it didn’t work. Part of me wants to call the artist and proofreader and scream them into finishing, whilst another part secretly hopes the never finish. Unlike a fansub, where you get a reaction in less than an hour, or KS, where the hype was so huge that people were getting their feels on by the opening video, the first reactions will take about a week to come in for AG. That makes it hard to build a lot of hype on the internet.

My goal is to get to 10,000 digital sales so that I can approach a “real” publisher. Some days, I think that this will be a cinch. Other days I panic and start trying to work out how many friends I have (it’s not many) so that I can get them to buy it so at least it won’t be a 0 result.


Ok. Now to medicate with shitty YouTube clips and random Twitter posts…


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