Lack of Boobs saves the world.

Ok, so we have all used a calculator to enter “8008” and show it to our friends upside-down. It’s like the first thing you do when you learn how to use a calculator.

Once you get a bit more advanced, you start typing out words like “55378008,” or “Boobless”.

Don’t lie, you have done this. Either that or you’ve never owned a calculator, in which case, just what the hell are you doing with your life?


Anyway, I wrote a few days ago about my undying interest in nuclear war. For those that don’t share my passion, in 1983 we almost blew up the world. The quick version of events (spoilers: it didn’t end in nuclear war) is as follows.

Regan was president and a bunch of old Russians were in charge over there. Regan had announced the SDI (“Star Wars”) and this spooked the Russians, mainly because if the US could shoot down their missiles, then there was no reason for them not to attack first.

In September 1983 Korean Airlines 007 was shot down by the USSR, which pissed off the world.

It was also sometime during 1983 that Petrov, the man who saved the world, ignored an early warning system that showed that the US had launched 5 missiles at the USSR.

In November, there was an exercise run by NATO, which was to simulate a nuclear first strike on Russia. It was only really the communications part of the “war,” but, since at that time the most reliable  intelligence came from snooping on communications, it looked very real to the Russians. Some things are only now coming to light, but they had deployed over 300 nuclear missiles during the 1-week exercise and had their ICBM teams at the ready. Three separate men sat with their fingers on the button.

One of the main reasons that everyone was able to keep their cool was due to the human spies on both sides. These guys tried to calm down the people who could have blown us all away. One of the spies sent an encoded message to the KGB using a calculator, into which he entered a code, which was then encoded into machine language which he could play down a phone line.

It’s really scary stuff, and for that reason it makes for a great TV show. The full documentary, if you’re interested, is on YouTube.

So, what has this got to do with calculators?

Well, pretty much, this:


So, I know that putting Easter Eggs into stories is fun. You can read about the things I dropped into Katawa Shoujo here. I’m also going to work up a similar, but much more detailed, guide for Arctic Gale after the digital release.


But really, in a documentary about the possible end of the world, sneaking in the “Boobless” joke is, well…

Pretty damned cool. I commend the props guy who had the balls to put this up on screen and the camera guy who went along with it.


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