For Blog’s Sake

I think I have contracted Aura’s professionalism.


I’ve made an agreement with a professional editor and I’ll be going through that process soon. But I thought that I should do one more read-through before I hit send, and that has meant that I am again finding bits that I’d like to change… which makes me want to do another read-through. I’m so far away from the PDF draft that you can download that I’m considering removing it from the site (it’s just that embarrassing).

At some point the whole thing starts blending in on itself and you get this annoying feeling of deja-vu (I’m sure I wrote that earlier… scans 200 pages… Nope, this is the only time I’ve said that).

The process will be expensive, but I keep telling myself that I should make sure that I have the best possible product available if I’m going to ask you to part with your hard-earned money for it. That being said, I’m now at the point with art and editing that I’ll have to get to about 5,000 sales before I break even. It’s not impossible but it still does make me gulp.

On the other hand, I’ve spent more than that on a camera lens before without batting an eye lid, so….


On the good side of things, work is picking up. I’ve finally got a team that I’m mostly happy with, and the results are now starting to show up. That means that I’m spending more time away from my desk, which is great, but it does also mean more catch-up time at home (hence the lack of blog posts).


Once I get the manuscript off to the editors I’ll let you know. There will be a 3-week delay before getting their comments, and then some time to actually turn their comments into results. On the upside, the artist is being a typical artist and isn’t delivering squat. So there is that delay as well. I suppose I should really contact him more often and poke him, but I also know that sometimes you just need to leave artists alone to do their thing…


I don’t suppose anyone has any questions at this point? That could force me to actually post here more often…



3 thoughts on “For Blog’s Sake

  1. I can sadly not say much other than; “artist do take their time.” Sadly I have not read your story so I can’t comment on much, but as a hobbies writer I understand that feeling of going over your work time after time, constantly tweaking and changing things. Even after your friends and proofreaders have told you that it is fine and you should post it. Perfectionism and self-critique is a doubled edged sword, one that I have cute myself on more than a few times, you have my sympathy.

    1. I should note that the original draft is posted…

      The comment stems from the time at 4LS, where I would try and impose deadlines and say that chasing perfection would stall us forever, whereas some of the other writers basically said “screw deadlines” and would completely re-write their work to the detriment of the team.

      I’ve decided to go for editing before the digital release because I want to make sure that the best possible product can get out there. That will give the digital version the best chance of survival; which is something very critical in these days when content is effectively a service…

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