A quick update on Publishing

Hi all.

I have little time but I wanted to respond to the “Publishing Decision” post from last week.

I’ve heard that there is a bit of support for a paperback, but there are some snags there.

I can choose to go for a service like Book Baby, but their licence agreement is a little too ambiguous for me. And, even so, I would need to sell about 1000 copies to break even.

To go more professionally with a negotiable contract I would be lost in the sea of all of the other unsolicited applicants, which would likely kill the process all together.


I’m trying to find a printer that will do a non-licence print run (i.e. just print the books and be done with it) but I’m yet to find a service like that as yet.


So, after a few calls with some lawyers in the industry and some thinking, I’m still not 100% at a decision, but it looks like the steps will be:

  1. Do a digital-only release (negating the need for typesetting and other things that will cost money) and see what the result is
  2. If the digital release makes enough money to cover a short, unlicensed print run,  then do that
  3. If the digital run goes pretty well (20,000+) then use that as a lever to go for a “real” publisher and try and convince them that way.

I too would like to have a physical book in my hand, and I think I’ve mentioned that this is pretty much the whole reason for doing this, but sometimes you just need to stick to the process.


For those of you wondering about the difference between the “free” draft and a “paid” version, there has already been two chapters removed and even so the word count has gone up by about 7%. So there is a lot of new material in there, plus it all makes a lot more sense now I think.


I’m also going to donate half of anything left over to Medecines Sans Frontieres. So that helps as well (if you always wanted to donate to MSF but never really managed to…)


In any case, I’m still waiting on the cover art. I should know by now that Artists don’t really like deadlines…


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