The Publishing Decision

The time is drawing near.


I’ve cut entire chapters, added in new ones, got feedback from some people I respect (and some new people I’ve added to that list) and forked out a bit of cash to an artist to get a front cover done.


The plan up until now was to do a digital version, hopefully make enough of a noise through my existing networks, and then approach a publisher or manager to see if we could get it turned into an actual paperback novel (which is really the end goal for me).


But, as I’ve started seeding the battlefield, I’ve started thinking that maybe I should go the full-frontal assault and do a paperback through my own steam. There are a few services that would do that for me, and I think that I could probably even sell the smallest production run exclusively at Komiket (those guys just buy anything…).


So now, I’m thinking that maybe I should go that route. I know that not everyone checks out this blog, but amongst those that do, which would you prefer? Digital with the possibility of a paperback in future, or paperback from the outset?

At this point, I’m thinking less than US$5 for a digital; a paperback will be about US$20 I think (I need to do more research).

So, what do you all think? I would do a poll here but I have no idea how to do that in the new WordPress interface, so please just leave comments below.




6 thoughts on “The Publishing Decision

  1. Even though I would love a hardcopy as soon as possible, I think making a digital copy first and get enough attention before you go for the paperback. The world is more and more technology reliant these days and less people buy paperback books.

  2. As D0lan said, I’d prefer a paperback (for whatever reason I find it difficult to pick up reading an ebook if I stop) but I want your book to be successful, so…. Whatever you think will bring you the most success in the long run. Which probably means the ebook route. Although, I would really love a hard copy to hold in my hands. Guess I’m just old fashioned.

    1. I kind of agree. I like holding books, even when things like highlighting and notation are much easier digitally.

      I think book baby does on-demand printing, or maybe I can do a run of 50 and see what happens.

      There is also the kickstarter option for the first paperback run; essentially making sure there is demand before being lumped with an unsellable box of books

  3. Paperback books will always be better, but the technology just keep advancing, the fastest way will be digital and from there take the next step to a hardcopy. Is your decision good sir, you will do great!

    If you still want to make that poll, I can suggest this: I mean there have to be a lot of people who just read your blog. This way they can give their opinion without leaving a comment.

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