Christmas, Death, New Novel

Ok, so I am mad.

I’ve had a few proof readers look at Arctic Gale, including Aura (and hopefully also Silentcook) from 4LS, so I’ll be going back and editing it before finally releasing it as a digital book. That will be a fun day.

In order to help clean up this blog’s navigation, I’ve put up a PDF of the first draft of Arctic Gale instead of having the individual chapters. This will remain here, even after the “paid” version comes out.

But, before I even get to that, I had a flash of inspiration a few weeks ago and I’ve started on Arctic Gale 2. I know that only about 10 people have made it through the full story, but without another degree to study, I had to do something…!


One comment that I hear repeated a bit about AG is that there is very little view on the society around Kate and her friends; and this is really a hard thing to do with a bunch of people on the run. By definition, they need to hide from society; especially one where there is pervasive surveillance….


But looking at this from another angle, like through Wingett’s eyes, will let me explore that, so that should be fun. So I’ve started that off with a topic that really jars me – capital punishment. Before I spoil you, please go and check out Chapter 1 of Arctic Gale 2 (I’ll come up with a better title late).

The Death Penalty

Let me start by saying that I am totally against the death penalty. It’s a view I’ve held from a young age, when I had a school assignment on “celebrations,” and somehow I managed to convince my partner that we should do “executions” as the topic. I’ve got no idea why I thought that it was a good idea, but I’m kind of wishing that I didn’t. I think that I just wanted to do something different (another one of those defining traits for me).

It’s not only the fact that you can’t bring anyone back from the dead (in the case of the falsely imprisoned, of which history has many cases), but also the clinical nature of executions. Even the general attitude of executions freaks me out. “We’re going to kill someone, so let’s find the most effective solution.” Who honestly thinks that this is a good questions to ask yourself?


But, more than anything, I think my main complaint with the death penalty is empathy with the condemned. Now, don’t get me wrong; I don’t think that the child-murderers and psychotic killers should be left to roam the streets. And I know that losing a close family member or loved one is heart-wrenching, so I also understand that there would be a level of catharsis in having a killer killed.

Yet, if I put myself in the shoes of the condemned I start to tremble in fear. To know the exact moment of your death, and to not be able to fight against it, seems non-human to me. I’m not sure how to explain it. Of course, you may say that these people have lost their right to humanity… but whatever.


Tl;dr, the death penalty freaks me out, and yet I’m drawn to it somehow. I did a lot of research for AG2-Ch1 and it shook me a little.


Christmas in Japan

Thankfully for me though, it’s Christmas! And for the first time in forever, it’s cold at Chrsitmas. Later I’m going to take a walk in Tokyo just so that I can have a “cold” Christmas. It’s also very weird to have everything, including banks, open on the 25th. It’s almost a non-event, apart from the massive lines at KFC where people are buying Christmas dinners and the cake shops in the department stores making record sales.

There are many illumination sites as well, and when Japan does something, they go all-in. Maybe I’ll take my camera with me and go for a stroll tonight – or, more likely, I’ll enjoy this non-working work day and watch some TV.



So, thanks to everyone who has commented and helped with Arctic Gale. I’m really hoping that I can get the final copy up on Amazon by the end of January. And then starts the new journey, 1/40th or so complete, of Matthew Wingett and Oscar Cole.



Merry Christmas


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