Editing Done – Proof Readers wanted


So I know I need to re-read the new and improved AG myself, however I’ve been thinking about the best way to get it out to the world.

I know that there isn’t a huge number of people reading this, but I know that those of you that have stuck around have generally been pretty helpful, so I’m grateful for that.

As with anything, I’m guessing that there will be a bunch of small things that I’ve missed, some flow issues and, because I’m me, about a hundred typos.

So, what I’ve been thinking for the last eight weeks is this:

  1. Give a PDF version of AG to everyone who contacts me either via Twitter DM or KS Forums Private Message
  2. Let you pick it apart, giving me feedback to help me get it better
  3. Also use this as a test to see if the book is actually good or not. It would be great to get a realistic “out-of-5-stars” review if possible.

So, I’m asking for volunteers. I’m not really sure what I can give in return, but I guess you can name your price, so long as that price is rock-bottom or not A Runners Afternoon 3 (because I’m saving that for the official release). I guess on the one hand there is about an extra chapter’s worth of text, even though I’ve pulled out a lot of things that didn’t add much to the story.

Thanks to those of you that have given me your comments so far. I’m guessing that I’ll probably make a few more tweaks anyway, but I’m hoping that the story elements are now a lot more aligned and make a lot more sense.

Anyway, if you’re keen please get in contact…


5 thoughts on “Editing Done – Proof Readers wanted

  1. : so long as that price is rock-bottom or not A Runners Afternoon 3

    Oh, man, come on!
    Joking aside, even though I’m Argentinian, I have some confidence that I’m up to copy-edit an English text… so, I’ll hit you on Twitter when I’m done with work later…

  2. Just want to know if I should keep reading the old version or switch to the new version for proof-reading and suggestions. It’s up to you.

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