Because I can, I’ve updated the new and (hopefully) improved Chapters 0 and 1 of Arctic Gale.

I’ve also put some thought into what I’d do next. Of course, I would write something like A Runner’s Afternoon 3 if I thought it would bring in a crowd and hope that enough stayed for the other things (it would, and they wouldn’t).

But I’ve been thinking about the story, and I think I’d like to do a prequel; one where Wingett and Cole have their origin stories. That would fill in a lot of the lead-up to Arctic Gale, and then also leave it possible to have a third act whereby Kate comes back…

Anyway, thanks to those of you that have been giving me feedback so far, including fans of this blog that have been sending tips via email or Private messages.

I’m up to Chapter 13 in the old storyline (it is now chapter 11) and I’ve only had one major part where I’ve struggled over the re-write. I think that this is about a third of the way through.

I’ll admit that there are a few things that I have tossed and turned over when it comes to their inclusion/exclusion, but I’m hoping that there will be a much better flow as we go on.

For today’s photo, I’d like to tell you a little story. In 2007 when I first came to Japan, it was semi-decided that Katawa Shoujo would be set in Sendai. I really can’t remember why.

Anyway, I made my friends go their as part of our trip around the country, and whilst in Sendai I took a lot of photos with the intent of using them as backgrounds.

One of them, attached, made it into the game, and featured heavily in Lilly’s path – so much so that when Suriko came here this year, he made the trip to Sendai himself, and got a photo of him in a “Lilly-sprite” pose in the exact same spot.

So, it looks like devs can even inspire devs to do crazy stuff. And it’s things like that that make me want to keep writing – hoping that I’ll get someone to experience the same inspiration that I have done when consuming things like Higurashi, Macross F, Tool’s music, Sherlock (the recent BBC version, of course) or similar.


My original, 2007 photo from Sendai that inspired Suriko to head there himself in 2015
My original, 2007 photo from Sendai that inspired Suriko to head there himself in 2015

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