Read-through done


So yeah.

Turns out there is pretty much something on every page that I want to change.
I kind of understand Aura’s eternal editing process now. He would go over things again and again, and it would drive me nuts.

I have found out so much about Kate and her friends from actually, critically reading the book. It’s kind of like watching Fight Club the second (or tenth) time over and going “Ah! I see!” – except I should really know better.

I can already tell that the edited version will be much better; to the point where I’m kind of embarrassed to leave the draft in public.. That’s very Aura as well; we didn’t see things until he was ready (and let’s face it – it worked for him).

Anyway, actually committing these edits will take longer than the read-through (although I am less likely to buy expensive stationary for this phase), but I am committed to getting it done this year.

I’ll likely turn the 39 “Pages” on the blog into a simple PDF or something, and then maybe give the editied edition away for free to the first 10 people (or something) before trying my luck on Kindle.

Anyway, I know that 4 of you have made your way to the end. I’d appreciate any feedback you have; although I’ll admit that time is running out, especially for the earlier parts (which will really get a work-over).

It’s also funny how much I don’t like my earlier writing style. I’m not sure how to describe it, but there is something about it….

Thanks to the 4 of you that have read the whole thing, and please feel free to spread it! Every time someone mentions A Runner’s Afternoon on Reddit a few hundred people flood the site, but then they all disappear. So if you’re one of those people maybe have a look at Arctic Gale, before I start disassembling it on here (or something).


10 thoughts on “Read-through done

  1. Don’t disassemble your story mang. Remember -too- much editing can be bad too, you can lose focus of the core ideas and it might not be the same story you wanted to tell.

    1. Ah, poor phrasing on my part! I meant change the way I present it here.

      As noted, the editing has been fun and allowed me to get even more focused.

      However, before I started editing I intended to leave the draft here for free, but now I am thinking that maybe I shouldn’t, as it is a tad embarrassing! So, one option is to remove the draft from here when I am done…

  2. I start now reading AC.
    Just a couple of questions (hope it doesn’t bother you): Where would you like to have the comments? Directly in the chapters or collected in one place (Chapter 38 or category post)? Is there a Deadline for suggestions, especially the earlier parts, which goes to Chapter…?

    And may I be so bold and ask you if there’s a chance to get a printable version of the un-edited story so I can read it on upcoming train rides? If not – that’s fine.

    1. Most people have just commented on the chapters themselves, but I would think that the category page is the safest for the time being.

      I don’t think I’ll post the Word document, but it shouldn’t take long to copy/paste everything into a document if you are simply going to read it for yourself. Of course, making multiple copies is a no-no!

      As for a deadline, I’ve already done my read through and I’ll be hitting the keys shortly. I’m hoping to have the editing finished by the end of the year, so I guess that is the final deadline, but earlier chapters will be closed off pretty soon…

      1. Alright. Thanks! I’ll go copy myself, you’re right (With the neat article view in FF copy/paste really work great)
        I know that multiple copies is a big no-no 🙂 I’ll respect your work. And therefore I hope you’re successful. I want to read it, and maybe, only maybe I’m able to give you one or two helpful thoughts or Inputs. Would be a nice feeling.

        Ah. Just another question came into my mind: Do you have a specific thing to look closer while reading? Maybe something you know you could be routine-blinded. Idk if, but I wanted to ask.

      2. My biggest fear is a lack of description. I sometimes feel that I I have such a clear picture in my head that I don’t bother explaining enough to the reader, so they either miss the point entirely or are confused…

  3. This is the moment I realize that I have read more of your updates on e-mail, than actually reading the series. For whatever reason. (And with two years at least that I follow you, how is that possible?)

    Sadly, for that I’m unable to help, or critize. I’m actually sorry.

    On a separate note, I like the way you described your past writing, that thing may just be because you don’t see the world in the same light, and your writing have actually gotten better! Happes to drawers, painters, writers… “professionals” and “amateurs” alike…

    1. Yes, the divide between writing “seriously” (as I do now) and the “mucking around” phase is painfully obvious.

      It makes me embarrassed to have the first few chapters posted here, to be honest!
      I’ve already done changes up to chapter 9 (which is now Chapter 7 in the edited script) and already I think I might have to do another read-through simply for consistency.

      And yes, I hope that this means that I’m getting better! It’s a little harder to see improvement with writing than it is with drawing…!

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