Man Crush

Okay, after about a 20-hour door-to-door trip (thanks, German train system!) I have finally managed to have a shower and get ready for bed.

However, before I do, I wanted to post Chapter 36 of Arctic Gale. It turns out that the last “scene” will be at least a three-parter. The first is up now (Chapter 36) and about 1/2-3/4 of Chapter 37 is already written. Then one last duel and it’s done.

That’s it.

I managed to write pretty much all of what I got down today on the plane. I upgraded myself to business, hoping to get some sleep, but after a short nap I found myself with a full laptop and not much to do. It was kind of fun to be in my JAL-sponsored capsule hotel, breathing low-density air and bashing some keys. I have been thinking about this finale for a bit now (almost 10 freaking years… well, not really. The finale only really came to me after some discussions with some of you guys), so it came easily. I haven’t read it over yet as I was really just excited to have come within touching distance of a finished first draft.

One thing that I wanted to post when I landed was the recent inspirational music to which I’ve been listening. (Sorry if some of these links don’t work in your country; such is the pain of international music…)

Porter Robinson’s Worlds came out earlier this year. I was a fan of his track with Matt Zo, Easy, and then someone posted Sad Machine, which uses Miku for the lyrics. That was enough to make me buy the album. Surprisingly, I found a couple of tracks that I had heard somewhere but didn’t know the names of; Years of War and, more specifically, Lionhearted. The album is great and now I have some kind of weird Man Crush on the music. In the same way every love-struck teenager says the name of their sweetheart in the dead of the night, I imagine epic fight scenes with E-type with Porter Robinson tracks in the background.

(Less inspirational but still kind of fun is Flicker, which uses samples from Ano Natsu Ni Matteiru. I also like that although it isn’t really appropriate for a fight scene unless you’re going for some kind of Kill Bill vibe.).

Lionhearted is great, and the lyrics really work well with smashing walls and fighting and such, so that and Year of War are my unofficial theme songs for the closing scenes of Arctic Gale.

Of course, I still think that Chronicles of a Fallen Love by the Bloody Beetroots is the unofficial theme song for AG, but I think it was used in a TV show or something, so that kind of taints it.

There have been many other tracks that have inspired me over the course of this story, but I wanted to share these tonight. I know that you shouldn’t listen to music and write, but I like the two practices and I don’t get enough time for both so I need to economise. It’s an open secret that almost all of my scene names for KS were named after the first track that played as I was writing, much to everyone’s chagrin. I believe that a few of these have remained (this little anecdote reminds me of another song that I have listened to a little too much: Kagerou Days).

I’ve also used this sleepless/jetlaggy haze to consider some points for editing the story. There are a few things that need fixing, like the correct spelling of ‘link, and also some other points that I’ve made, like making Dani younger and a little more relatable (I’ve already taken this to heart in this closing act – watch out for that). There are also some larger fixes that I won’t spoil for you yet. Noting earth-shattering but hopefully it will bring a little more sense to the story, which, due to is meandering genesis, has taken a few wild turns throughout the last 9 years.

So, if you want to know what I was listening to as you read Chapter 36, open up any of those links above and you’ll be inside my head.


3 thoughts on “Man Crush

  1. Congrats man. It’s been a long road and a good one. I have a about 10 chapters of catch-up reading to do, but I’ve been waiting until more was finished. I still haven’t forgotten drawing this out. I was trying to get used to my digi pad, but that’s going to take more time. I’ll just do it in pencil and scan it in. Great choice of music. I’ve been getting into that whole electro thing recently and trying to learn all the sub genre that goes with it. …except the keep adding one or two every month or so. o_0
    So yeah! Can’t wait for the ending! (well I can, just excited!)
    Oh sorry to ask, but I’ve a KS question …yes.. after all these years. ^_^ You did two things in Hanako’s path that was not done in the others. One, you didn’t really give Hisoa a “heart episode”; just a light flutter at best. And two, Hisoa nearly wrote back to Iwanako. Why for both? Just curious. did another play through of most the characters these last couple of weeks. Still bracing myself for Rin ..gah.. what a headache..anyways.. hang in there and all the best while you’re out on the road!
    P.S. I ran across a bunch of VN nerds on Steam who had never heard of KS. …strange. They know now! ..mostly fappers from what I gather. 😛

  2. Sorry, I never answered your questions.

    I was kind of against the “events that happen in every path” thing from the start. I’m not sure why; I think I was thinking that different story lines happen in different worlds so there was no need for them.
    I remember us discussing what should happen before deciding upon the Letter.

    In hindsight it was a good way to show how Hisao had changed in different routes in such a short span of time. I think almost replying to the letter was supposed to show Hisao deliberately cutting himself off from the world in order to stay with Hanako.

    As for the heart thing… Well, we all decided that it was a bit of a Chekhov’s Gun. We made a fuss about it in the start, so if nothing happened then we would feel silly.

    However, I figured that the Hanako path was less physical than the others and more psychological, so there really wasn’t a “trigger” for his heart problems.
    (later I realised that slacking off in his routine would have made it worse for him in the long run, hence the mention in A Runner’ afternoon 2)

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