A trip down memory lane

Okay, I’m actually scheduling this a week in advance, mostly because I just posted AG 35 and a brief message about that.

WordPress has a great stats suite, including showing the pages that linked to your blog. The main offenders are old Reddit threads, including one about A Runner’s Afternoon from three years ago and the AMA I did around the same time.

Anyway, I was looking at one of these today and there was a link to some KS videos on Youtube; the Instafeels (or something like that). So, against my better judgement, instead of sleeping, I had a bit of a look at the KS stuff that is around there.

Somewhere, someone posted something about a Katawa Shoujo military group. I remembered that I wrote something like that many years ago:

Katawa Shoujo SF

I couldn’t remember if I put this on the KS.renai.us forums or the older, original forums.

It turns out it was on the renai forums, however I had the chance to look at some of my suggestions from the original boards:

My first post for Katawa Shoujo....
My first post for Katawa Shoujo….

This made me giggle, especially how B) was instantly emoji’d.

Here are some other posts that make me smile a little. I’ve left everything in my original, care-to-the-wind shitty handwriting.

Anyway, please excuse me for being a tad exicted on this one; I’m skiping the usual formalities (like, you konw, looking for a thread already on the topic).

Long story short, I had a flash of inspiration that combines the music and writing world.

The OP, as I’m envisioning it at the moment, will have a strong, arthymic beat, falling on beats 1 and 4, with a “beep” on the first beat.

In the middle of the OP, I’m thinking that the beat and melody stops, and we get just the droning beep. Then, the song kicks back in (think like that pause in YOU, the Shuffle OP).
Towards the end, the beat subsides, and steadies a bit.
The OP graphics fade to black, but the beep continues.

Then, going by the canon of H-games, the MC wakes up; groggy. However, non-cannonically, he’s in a hospital bed, waking up from his frist heart attack.

He gets the low down from his doctor (obviouly the MC is confused as to why a 17-ish-year-old is having a heart attack).

Long story short, he finds out that he has arrthymia, so they decide to send him to the school, which will have medical factilites etc (this is another reason that I’m thinking that it should be a boarding school).

In this fashion, the first charater he will meet will be Rosa.

The only flaw that I can think of at the moment is that this will, most likely, rule out the “childhood friend” path.

QUestions/comments/flames for coming in a year late on this one?

I’ll be happy to expand on this, however I also have to hit up the music forum and the channel and get peopel excited

Reading the thread that this came from shows the immediate tensions between the people who became the actual devs and the “Core Team” who fled relatively early on and left the project to us.

Then there is this, which is my original submission to join the writing team. It reminds me just how much I wrote for KS in 3.5 years. It was weeeell over a quarter of a million words, and that’s not including spending a significant portion of my life on IRC. Sadly, my laptop that had all of these scripts was stolen in 2009, and that was before cloud storage was really a thing. Thankfully these forums are still up. I should really copy this stuff somewhere.

They asked for applications for the “leadership” positions: here is mine:

Oh, whilst it is all true, it's also sooooo irrelevant. I only realise that now.
Oh, whilst it is all true, it’s also sooooo irrelevant. I only realise that now.

And then, there is this:

The "Big" announcement, handing me the keys...
The “Big” announcement, handing me the keys…

You’ll notice that no-one in that original announcement made it to the full game. Such is the toll that KS took on people. Sure, there were some people that made it through the whole process (like The Hivemind and A22) but they are rare.

This was about a month after I started posting on that board. I have to say that it was a hostile takeover; even that post from Deucetrick wasn’t sanctioned by other members of the original “Core Team,” but I like to think that it was because we forced their hand that the game got made.

I know that I was a bit of a dic(k)tator in the beginning, and that I had abso-fucking-lutely no idea how to make a game. My ego took a lot of knocks as I realised that there were many things that I didn’t actually know, but I can admit that now.

Ok, I’ll leave it there else I’ll be reading A22 and Hivemind’s originally submissions all night.


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