The Dedication of Fans

Many years ago, when I didn’t know any better, I used to subject my underlings to some of the horrors of the Anime subculture. Basically, if you wanted to work for me, you had to watch all of Higurashi, and love it. Anything less was a sackable offense.

Thankfully, I have realised that this is not exactly a smart way to get ahead in life, so now that kind of behavior is strictly opt-in. Then again, I haven’t really watched any anime in a long while, so I have little ammunition.

However, at the time, one of my obsessions was Touhou music. Yes, I can admit it now. One of my favorite tracks is “(Yet Another) Drizzly Rain” by Cool and Create:

There is something about speed techno pop crap music that really helps me focus on inane tasks like soldering cables or drawing plans. Unfortunately for my crew, I used to play this on the main workshop speakers, regardless of who was listening. In reality, we all had odd music tastes, and we actually shared quite a lot of stuff. One thing that we did do was work together to get the Sydney Opera House organ to play Vocaloid, which I think ranks up there in terms of bizzare things that I have done.

Anyway, one day I was blasting a bit of Cool & Create and I mentioned to one of my crew that it was amazing that someone could actually play that. He laughed at my stupidity, as it was obviously a sequenced song. I never looked on Niconico at the time, but I suggested that he would be surprised, as I think it is likely that someone has already perfected playing the near-impossible track on piano.

The reason is that if you have enough fans, you’re bound to find one that is incredibly talented at something. In a sense, that is how KS was made; I had the pleasure of working with a lot of very talented authors, artists, directors and editors. And then if you look at the Shimmie you see this mass of art, and I know that there are some great fan fictions out there (I don’t often read them, but I often get listed on these lists due to A Runner’s Afternoon so I am aware of them).

One you get to Hatsune Miku levels of fans though, you find that there are a second ring of super-talented people (the first, of course, make the music and the video). That’s when you get something amazing like this:

Just think about the cycles of creative energy that went into that clip. Firstly someone made the original Ieavan Polka (a band called Lolituma). Then someone Vocaloid-ed it (let’s not forget the creativity of that software in and of itself). That inspired someone to make a Miku Miku Dance sequence for it, and then someone practiced their arse off until they had perfected a dance that uses a unrealistically proportioned and fast-moving model of a human.

Honestly, that’s the kind of cycle that I love being a part of, and I’m hoping that AG and any future works of mine (including my Day Job) will inspire people to do things as well.

Also, speaking of, here is another song that I have been crushing on recently:

(I actually think that my Youtube favourites are public if you can find my account).


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