Jetlag Express

I’m not sure how it affects others, but to me, Jet Lag is like a net that envelops your brain. When you wake up you feel its presence. I usually think, quite optimistically, that this is just the normal “tiredness” that will go away with breakfast and a coffee.

An adequate dose of caffeine and water tends to help, but as the day wears on, the net is slowly wound in, resulting in a feeling like you brain is being drawn towards the back of your skull. It’s an all-encompassing pressure, focused on the front of your head; unrelenting.


And then, once the day’s work is over and you feel like you can finally get some rest, your body catches up. You’re alive and ready to fight another day. All those hormones that you’ve been dumping in your system to wake yourself up finally line up with your diurnal cycle, and you’re in party mode. Since you’re usually not at work at this point, an offer to go for a drink or a dinner sounds like a good idea, and without your internal alarm clock telling you to go to bed, it is really quite easy to enjoy the night well into the wee hours. Even when you actually behave yourself (instead of saying “Ah, I shouldn’t drink tonight…” and then smashing half a dozen cocktails), you can still find that midnight creeps up on you with surprising stealth.


Last week I was in the States, and now I’m in Germany, writing a little bit of AG and preparing for three days of meetings before jumping on the plane back to Tokyo. Due to the way your cycles work, travelling east is always harder than west (think of it this way; if you go 8 hours east, you start work in the new zone roughly when you would be going to bed.

There is a significant drop on two sides of this runway...
There is a significant drop on two sides of this runway…

If you go west, you start work roughly at the time you’re wrapping up for the day, so you’re at least in “watch TV/play games/generally be awake” mode).

So, I’ve lucked out this time.


However, I did get to see the Grand Canyon, and I’ll admit, it is pretty Grand. Next time I’ll try and get there at ground level.


Thanks also to those of you who messaged me after my last post. I had only just landed in the States when trying to write this current chapter. I think I have it back on track now, and I have had a lot of time in the last 6 or 8 days (I’m not sure which at this point) to ponder how I can close off the last few threads of this story without it becoming too much like some kind of repetitive teen action movie (something that I’ve begun to fear after watching too many of Cinema Sin’s “Everything Wrong With” videos).


Enjoy the view.


2 thoughts on “Jetlag Express

  1. Tomato juice and lots of fluids (no alcohol, minimal caffeine) will help buffer your system against jet lag. As a rule of thumb, about one glass of fluids every two hours of flight, minimum. And of course, toilet breaks (which can also be called ‘wee hours’).

    1. Yes, water on the flight is a must, and nothing stronger than a cup of tea.

      I use Melatonin once I land, but there is only so much a body can take!

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