Writing yourself into a corner

Sometimes, there comes a point when you are writing that you realise that the path you’ve wanted to follow may not completely resolve with the reality of the story as it has unfurled so far.

I’m at that point now. I’m thinking about scrubbing the last couple of chapters of Arctic Gale, or at least hacking away at them.

Or, I could change the way that I want to go forward.

it’s always a bit hard. When you’re writing a character, they form themselves around the original plan that you had in mind. If you decide to change things then you suddenly have to resolve a number of issues around that character’s traits and behaviors. And then there are things that just don’t make sense. Why would the rebels suddenly accept Kate back into their midst after she was obviously captured by Depoc? Or is that something that is resolvable?

How do the news reports about Cole make any sense? If he was the rebel leader, then Kate killed him, and that’s not acceptable.

If he was a double-agent, then why would Depoc go to the trouble of reporting him as part of the rebellion?

These are the issues that I am currently facing. That and jet lag.

PS I’m also starting to take notes about setting up in Japan in another Page on this blog. I’m updating it as I go along. There is a lot more between where I’m up to and the present day, but the process is still ongoing, so no rush…!


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