Okay, so about a fortnight ago I posted something here but it appears as if it never made it onto the site.

I blame Indonesian Internet.

It may not have been an overly important post. It was mostly about an incident that I may have already mentioned here – how my ex-flatmate tried to slit my throat. I might re-tell the story if there is interest.

The central theme, however, was that sometimes it takes a shock to the system to get you to realise that dwelling on the past too much is not a good thing. Sure, you should learn from the past and from your mistakes (and the mistakes of others), however endlessly running “What If…” scenarios for past events is not always healthy.

I was then going to counter that with the other side of the coin, whereby you separate yourself too far from the past and think “Oh well, that’s happened now. Time to get on with it.” That is kind of how I have been running in the past couple of years, and on occasions it catches up with you.

Anyway, I have a few precious baby-free hours, and I hope that I can use these (and a strong cup of tea) to write the next AG chapter. I feel that we are coming closer to a conclusion here, and whilst I had picked out an ending already, I am wondering if maybe I should change it…

We shall see…




Okay, for some unknown reason, this got posted as a Page and not a Post. Something in fuxxy with WordPress over the last few weeks… I will repost the document shortly. Also I will be posting Chapter 27 of AG shortly.


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