Happy Birthday to Me


So the weekend before last, on one of my many plane rides, I blew an eardrum due to a bit of a headcold. I cannot recommend this to anyone.

Thus, the time that I had dedicated to writing out the next action scene in Arctic Gale was dedicated to swallowing mind-bending antibiotics, as well as meeting with my company’s Board to get the wheels set in motion for the next phase in what has been an already hectic life.

I’ll hopefully be writing Chapter twenty-something for AG in the next couple of days, complete with all the requisite bloodshed.

However, I was surprised to see that this week, thanks to Reddit, I have had the most hits in a single day ever – including when “A Runner’s Afternoon” appeared on 4chan. So I guess that settles that debate; 4chan is only half as power as Reddit in my eyes. If anyone wants ot post about how awesome AG is on Reddit, well, don’t let me stop you…

If any of you have managed to stick around after that spike, then thank you. I hope I haven’t bored you.

I can announce that, all regulatory approvals pending, that I should finally be moving to the land of the rising sun from March next year. It will be a busy time initially, so my apologies if the updates become even more sparse than they are now. However, there are many topics here that I hope will interest a broad range of people, from the basic culture change between western and Japanese culture, right through the pain of getting visas, through to setting up a legal entity in a foreign country.

I would hope that I can share these topics well enough so that any one of you that have to make a similar move will not have to learn the same mistakes that I will inevitably make over the next 12 months.

However, one thing that I know for sure is that I will have to make sure I look after myself, so on this most auspicious of days (my birthday) I have retired into the mountains of Yamagata (I am, as always, away from home on business).

And, after many, many years of trying, I have finally managed to take a couple of “Mountain and Sunset” shots that I actually like. I would like to thank Canon for taking aaaaaaall of my money and making this possible.

Now I am going to get back into the onsen with the quite obviously Yakuza group that has decided to stay in the same remote hotel as I have OTL

Another “not-so-rising” sun photo..

15 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me

  1. Happy birthday! I came with the initial traffic spike, but I’m glad that that I did–there’s so much to read here. Thank you for writing, and good luck with your move!

      1. What do you mean? You’ve got a few more Birthday wishes.

        Also, does this mean you’re moving to Japan permanently, or will you still be working abroad for a while?

        Also, may I guess your age?

  2. I hope you had a happy birthday crud. Moving somewhere like that is going to be a huge step and probably very complicated. I’m sure it’s the right choice for you though. Lets hope your future there proves well. Keep us up to date okay?

  3. Happy belated birthday! Hope the eardrum will heal well. This is just a note from an admirer of your work who normally hangs out at the KS forums. All the best for your move, and may your personal growth be great.

    1. Cheers, thanks kindly.

      I unfortunately don’t have much of a chance to lurk on the KS forums anymore, but I do follow a few threads, like the Ask! thread…


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