I never have anything to say

I have this really annoying tendency to think up a great blog post, then when it comes time to actually write something, I have nothing.

I’ll be honest, almost all of my posts here are just announcements for the new chapters of Arctic Gale. (That’s Chapter 22, by the way).

The process goes like this:

– I will find 2 hours or so of free time when I also have that “creative spark” that allows you to spin words together (the chances of these two rare events coinciding is relatively small).

– I will post the page here, having basically used up all of my concentration power

– I will freak out about no-one loving me enough to actually read the chapter, so I post a “Post” (as opposed to a page) so that the people that subscribe here will at least get some kind of notification

Due to Steps 1 and 2, the will to write a nice post is slightly sapped, so I end up with something lacklustre (e.g. this post).

Then, when the comments start coming in on the page, it is usually some hours or days later, so I’m about to find 10-15 minutes to reply, meaning that some pages end up having career advice or actually useful stuff, even though they are waaaaay off topic for the AG pages.

Unfortunately, most of those insights are out of reach at the moment. I’m in a little “privacy pod” in Hong Kong’s airport in the lounge (which, by the way, is waaaay to far away from the shops to be convenient).

At the moment, having survived 8 hours in the sky and now half-way through a 6-hour transfer, the greatest contribution to the human race that I can muster is simply this:

Airlines shouldn’t serve asparagus.

I love asparagus, but I’m also prat of the 30% or so of the population that gets weird-smelling urine after eating it. At home, it doesn’t bother me. I still giggle about the “Arrgh, it’s the Mr. Hell Show!” skit with Mr Asparagus Man.

But on a plane full of people, serving asparagus is not a grand idea. Even if you are in the mini-cabins, like Premium economy, there are usually about 20 people there; meaning 6 weird-pee-smellers. Even in the best laid-out aircraft you’re only going to have about 6 bathrooms; meaning that there is a pretty good chance that everyone will be exposed to that strange odor. I can’t imagine what it would be like in the main cabin. The toilets in planes are bad enough as is…

Okay. Enjoy AG 22. It is a little bridge; an anti-climax between the last conflict and the ones to come. There are a few coming, and already I have started drifting a little (not irreversibly) from my hand-sketched “How Arctic Gale Ends” page (of which I think we are only about 1/3rd through).

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m gong to go an load up on asparagus again. I have a 12 hour flight, and my seat reservation was stuffed up at the airport this morning, so I am about to wreak asparagus-related vengeance on my co-travelers.


10 thoughts on “I never have anything to say

  1. A…ha. Hmm…I don’t know what to say now. Normally I’d have a coherent response or at least a question, but with a post like this, I really can’t think of anything.

    Umm…so…Arctic Gale Chapter 22…I’ll get on that. Looking forward to it.

    What’s the proper way to exit an awkward conversation? I want to just turn around and flee as soon as possible, but that wouldn’t be polite, would it?

    In any case, I’ve learned a fact about asparagus. I guess that’s a good thing? I mean, learning something new is always good, but here…anyways, hope your flight is doing all right.

    1. I don’t think there is a proper way to exit an awkward conversation. That is what makes it awkward.

      Usually better to try and use it as a segue to a different topic.

  2. Also, this just occurred to me, but why don’t you trust your readers to read the chapters and post those nice blog entries?

    Doesn’t that (posting a blog entry specifically about your updating AG) show that you’re insecure about the ability of your work to attract and entertain readers? And if you’re doubting, then the work won’t do well–or at least, that’s what I think–crap, I should stop being a hypocrite…

    My two cents/afterthought.

    1. I think it is a force of habit.

      I know that subscribers, who may be interested in AG, don’t get Page updates, but they do get post updates.

      Since I have no regular schedule, this way people don’t have to check every day

  3. And I’m wondering why you haven’t actually written horror–or at least posted your horror stuff on here–it sounds like it left an impression on you, considering you were actually thinking of putting in AG. Have you ever given horror a shot?

  4. Wait? “Some early Hanako fan fiction (pre-4LS)”?
    I don’t really understand that part. Wasn’t it 4LS and Katawa Shoujo that made the characters therein popular, inspiring fan fiction about them?

    Unless the concept (art and characters) for KS was around a bit before you guys at 4LS started work on KS…

    And what do you mean by one might be here? As in one of your stories are horror? Hmm…I think I’ve read everything you’ve written, but I haven’t found anything like that.

  5. College calls some of us to forget about some of our favorites tabs, and keeps us from reading cool internet stories.

    I’ll try to put AG on my to-do list but I’m not sure that I’ll have time to read it. Good luck on future chapters and other endeavors though.

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