Tokyo City Administration Building


I know that I didn’t see this until after starting Arctic Gale, but ever since I saw it, it had stuck in my head as the Department tower (even though the interior is still based on the State Theatre Sydney).


26 thoughts on “Tokyo City Administration Building

  1. When you go back to revise and clean up AG, will you be putting in a description of the outside (a description of this building)?

    Also, out of curiosity, what’s on the inside of the Tokyo City Administration Building? I imagine a bunch of offices and elevators, but I’m not sure exactly.

    1. I think the description is there in Chapter one as Kate enters it.
      yeah.. here:
      “If any building were to define the city of Zemlya, it would be the headquarters of the Department of City Affairs. It easily stood a hundred meters above any of the surrounding skyscrapers; windowless, grey, and omnipotent. It surmised the overarching power of the Department, dwarfing all that dared challenge its power.”
      If you’ve ever seen a NORAD building on a military base, think of that only so high that you’re nearly bent over backwards looking up at it! ^_^
      Oh, Cpl_Crud, is there a specific ethnicity for Kate? Given her last name, I’m thinking Caucasian? Possibly Norwegian?

      1. Yes, I’ve never really put much thought to nationality, but maybe Northern Europe?

        The last name is one of an old colleague, but it was just too cool not to use…

  2. Dammit. Really should’ve remembered that.

    Also, speaking of Kate’s nationality, what’s the state of the world in, politics-wise? Is it set in some dystopian, far-flung future, and if so, will there be any references to life in the present? Like comparing how people with Clocks live versus how people in our day and age live?

      1. Nah, bring on the theories!

        I have actually explained the concept to a couple of people as well, so they can confirm that I simply didn’t decide to retcon anything…

  3. What the heck? If I brought on the theories and you disproved them, my fanfic will fall apart…shit. Just for the record, this is just because you said you wanted someone to make a fan-something out of your work–and you deserve that, at least. And it’s good–it deserves something like that.

    *Coughs* As for theories: I believe AG takes place in a modern day country, most definitely in the north (since there’s a heavy tundra nearby). That or massive climate change from a post-apocalyptic future, but that’s probably untrue.

    With this in mind, I’m thinking it’s future Russia, in the aftermath of a large war or catastrophic event that destroyed modern society as we know it. And then it was rebuilt to become the AG we know presently. However, I’m curious as to how the current setting came about–I hope you go into detail regarding that, Crud.

    Also, will you be going into detail regarding the daily lives of those who aren’t rebels–the common, everyday man and woman in this society of AG, and how it differs from our own? It’d definitely add another dimension of other-worldliness and contrast–you may even be able to try social commentary on various issues you have with the current world.

    And just so you know, I finally read the majority of your posts. I’m no longer an amateur on your blog, but a full-blown veteran!

    1. Wow. I haven’t even read all of my blog. Congrats.

      As for the other people… I’m not really sure. In many ways I simply imagine them as people going about their lives. Isolated or no, there is still an economy to maintain. In a city that size you still need restaurants, hospitals, banks, insurance companies, entertainment…

      And premature fan-fics? That would be interesting. It is interesting to read theories and that kind of thing now, as it gives a good barometer of how the storytelling is actually going compared to how I think it is going…

    2. lol. Nice!
      Here’s a theory.

      Post-“apocalyptic” disease/genetic mutation outbreak. The masses have gone madd/feral like kinda ala Omega Man/ I am Legend only and you must be “put down” or you become something dangerous. Or resources are so scares that that’s how things are kept manageable. But. The City’s “clock” is ticking down as well and there’s an under current within even the Bureau that knows this and is looking for an
      alternative ending”; to somehow cheat their own clock. You want a story of crazy counter intrigue? Watch the Read or Die TV series. The first season (unless you’ve read the manga) will keep you thinking “WTF??!” most of the time. Great characters and subplots.

      Just thoughts. Lots of different ways this “could” go. Lookin’ forward to it.

      Now, If I cold only post under the same name every time. >:|

      1. That’s really good…
        But from what it looks like, only humans seem to have these Clocks. Maybe if there was more proof of this mad/feral behavior in other organisms that don’t have Clocks, we could infer. But then again, have we seen that many animals in AG?

      2. @ Haeri,
        Hm good point. That’s a bit of a snag for me actually. (speaking of pre-mature fanfic) THE opening scene was going to have a 3/4 decayed caribou carcass mostly covered in snow. Still getting used to a new digipad so it’s coming along a lot slower than I’d thought. Otherwise, I’ll need to resort to a india ink wash and white… something..chalk, prima colors…dunno ah well.

        Speaking of premature fan fiction… my memory always goes to “Splinter of the Mind’s Eye” ugh, what a horrible book. (imho 😉 )

  4. For the first paragraph, by “it”, I mean AG. The story’s good, I haven’t read a decent dystopian in a while

  5. Still, peoples’ values may depend on society as a whole. Certain things that would be crimes in our current day and age might be legal or even commonplace in some other society or era (a possible example being slavery, even though that isn’t in AG). They don’t have to be blatant, but a few subtle strokes of those differing values and social habits might go a long way.

    And about premature fanfics: if you think about it, aren’t all fanfiction produced from an ongoing work “premature fanfics”? The work hasn’t been completed yet, and still fanfictions are being written about it. I think it’s more commonplace than one would initially assume. It’s just that you’re humble enough to not expect people to write stories about your story–which is the case with all authors, or so I’d like to believe.

    1. Hmmm, didn’t really think about that. In terms of morals, I guess I have taken the lazy way out and used my own, with one exception; the death penalty.

      I am very much against capital punishment, however in a world of terrorism, militarism and summary execution, the death penalty would more than likely be included in the law of the land.

      Plus, there are some pretty interesting death penalties in dystopian stories, like the “you will die loving Big Brother” bullet to the head in 1984 to the incinerator in Equilibrium…

  6. And you never answered my question, Crud.
    What was your inspiration to write AG? Was it inspired from a book you read, a tv series you saw, or even some experience during your travels that you had to write down, that slowly grew into what you’re writing now?

    I don’t think it was in any of your previous blog posts, but it’s getting late where I’m from, and I don’t want to hound through posts to find that one speck of info.

    1. Hmm, there isn’t one particular thing, however there are many influences, like 1984, Equilibrium, Kiddy Grade and GITS to name a few, but then again that could be any dystopian novel…

      I usually get an idea from somewhere. Call it sagacity. In this case it was the concept of forced cellular death – the Clock. I think I was probably reading up on the topic of chromosomes or something at the time.

      So then I thought “What kind of event would cause this to become a normal thing?”

      After that, I started writing

  7. And I have another theory. There has to be a reason why people have Clocks, right? I’m thinking that before the Clocks, people were living huge lifespans, which probably led to starvation and overpopulation, which led to people getting shoved beyond the wall and some being allowed to stay in the city. Clocks were used to prevent a repeat of that event.

    Also, do you think you’ll eventually go all Game of Thrones on us and reference previous events that have already happened before the story’s plot. That might add another dimension of realism, and make readers see that this world of Arctic Gale is more than just a setting for the story–it actually has a history behind it.

    Also, as I’m traveling more, I can’t do a lot of walking despite being fairly young (my body constitution is rather weak). How do you manage the walking during your travels?

    1. There is obviously some degree of his
      tory required, which will become apparent.

      As for the walking, I usually don’t have any problems. I keep myself fit as a matter of course anyway, so that may help…

      And I used to lug around a 15kg camera bag. The stuff I carry now is lighter.

      That and lots of massages

  8. Looking forward to it.

    As for keeping fit, I run two miles a day, but that doesn’t seem to help. All right–I’ll carry 20 lbs in a backpack when I go out. Maybe that’ll do something?

    Also, have your travels ever taken you to New York City?

    1. I use an exercise bike to do about 15km (just under 10mi) most mornings.

      Haven’t been to NYC yet but I imagine that it will happen at some point…

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