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  1. Oh yeah, akiraaria is my username for the blog I started–sorry about the confusion. Haeri and akiraaria are one and the same. I’m just not used to this yet.

  2. Nice. That looks REALLY tempting. You just shut out everything around you and go for it. ^_^
    I sure this has been brought up before..maybe even by me on an earlier post..but.. It’s obvious that Hanako is THE #1 path for most players oh KS. Why do you think that is?

    1. Weaboos like the shy girl because they can relate to her?
      I don’t know. I think that there are a lot of people that think that they are a white knight, and that Hanako is the one that needs protecting. The other characters are independent or strong; Hanako is the only one that (initially) has that whole “Oh, please save me from my miserable life!” feeling that instantly talks to the male desire to protect women… and also because they subconsciously think that if you “save” her then she will “owe” you sexytimes.

      1. This is one of the times I’m glad for the anonymity of the internet.

        *Deep breath* When I played Hanako’s path, I thought I was worthless, that I didn’t matter. I couldn’t compete with anybody, and pushing myself like that put my life at risk. I just couldn’t catch up–my younger brother’s superiority didn’t help in that regard, and I kind of thought I was a loser…that I needed protecting.

        Then I played Hanako’s Path.

        It sickened me. Was this how people saw me? Someone with such a frail body and mind that I could break at the slightest flex? That I couldn’t achieve anything on my own or stand on my own two feet?
        Then I realized that I actually thought that. About myself, I mean. I genuinely thought that I couldn’t amount to anything because everyone, including my own family, had told me that so many times. So I’d begun believing it.
        But reading/playing the path, I saw Hanako (and myself) differently.

        I am weak. I am frail. I will not get better.
        But being weak doesn’t mean I’m not strong.
        Being frail doesn’t make me capable of standing up and walking.
        Playing Hanako’s Path really showed me that even the weakest person can be strong enough to do anything, without relying on others to shelter me or do everything for me.

        Though, there are times when I do worry about this. No matter what I say here, I’ll still have nightmares about my future when I go to sleep. I won’t live a normal lifespan and my last years will be me being bedridden. When I think about that inevitability, I just want to stop. Is there any point? In fifteen to twenty years, I won’t be strong enough to get up by myself–if that is my future, then is there any reason to try in the first place? To get out of college and earn a job? To get married and have children?

        Playing Hanako’s Path taught me something though. I’m weak but I can be strong. It taught me to stop calling myself useless and actually try to achieve my own goals without drowning in my own sorrows and letting everybody tell me that I’m useless–wasting my life at this moment, when I run, finish college and get a job, and maybe fall in love–that’s something I absolutely cannot do.

        So I’ll amount to something. I don’t know what yet, but I will, if only to prove that I’m not worthless. I’m not useless.

        So thanks, once again, Crud, for writing Hanako’s Path.

      2. Wow. Thanks.

        But it is at times like this that you also have to think about guys like Stephen Hawkins, who was told as an undergraduate that he probably wouldn’t live to graduation.

        I’m not sure of his exact age, but he has had about three decades in that chair of his, and I would doubt that anyone can say that he hasn’t made an impact.

        Everyone worries about their future, be it for your health, or for money, or sanity, or love… that is part of being human.

        But there are so many things to experience, even when you may not be the strongest. The Venn Diagram of “Things you can do” and “Things you enjoy” is bound to have some overlap somewhere.

        Something to get you a bit wound up:

      3. Well written Haeri! And well done on “moving on.” You are to be commended!
        And there, CplCrud, is the power of words. 🙂
        Oh, something I wanted to post …and. well crap. Forgot… grrr. well anyways.. Hanako’s path is unique as there is (or is not) an aspect to it that doesn’t occur in any of the others ….and I’ve forgotten what that was. >_>. and with that, I’ll.. um …just sit down.

  3. Okay. I think I get it. I just have to enjoy myself as best as I can and make an impact, even a small one.

    But why would you post that video? It made me a little uncomfortable.

  4. I’ve never seen either, so I’ll take your word for it.
    Speaking of anime, do you see any that are coming out now, or does your work and traveling occupy too much time?

  5. Ahahah, funny.
    We will never totaly forgive Hanako, right ? (Even if i’m okay with the fact that we certainly don’t have anymore to say about her, all about was certainly already used…the Diamond Mine seems to be exhausted, sadly; i hope that one day you will find in yourself something as good as Hanako, even if i think yo can already dies as a accomplished artist, at least for me) she is eternal in your hearth and the hearths of many fans.
    Thanks cpl_crud.

    1. Thanks for this.

      I think that I could write more Hanako, but I am not as motivated to write her as I used to be. I have been considering it, but maybe after Arctic Gale.

      I hope that the lessons I’ve learned at 4LS will make Arctic Gale worthwhile reading. I do hope one day that I can get it published, even as a self-published novel. But I need to work on finishing it first!

      Thanks, and I hope you have enjoyed my stories

      1. Yes! The possibility exists!…sorry. Played the route again and saw the bakery at the ending. If it’s implying what I think it’s implying, then…I’ll stop there. Write whatever you want. Anyway, I hope AG can surpass Hanako’s route.

      2. Ah, the Muffin Man theory.

        This is actually a half-truth that has been taken out of context.

        In the “Hanako True” path, which was the one that you could only access from Lilly’s path, the Good End did end up with a pregnant Hanako. This was the final line of the path, and it came after a much longer path than the canonical Hanako path.

        However, for a number of reasons, we took the concept out. I had originally intended it to be a snub at the visual novels that are basically a guy emptying his balls into countless girls without consequence, however in hindsight it did kind of promote teen pregnancy; the opposite effect of what I was going for.

        The Muffin ending, however, came about a year later. We were discussing the Hanako ending, and the conversation basically boiled down to me saying that I wanted to show Hanako able to be out in public, doing normal things, and having the courage to kiss Hisao.

        The question, of course, was “what counts as a normal thing”?
        For reasons unknown to me, my answer was along the lines of “I don’t know. Something boring and everyday, like getting muffins.”
        That was taken as canon by the artists, and there we go.

        I honestly can’t remember why muffins were chosen over something like hamburgers, but since the ending didn’t change substantially Suriko and Delta left it as the ending CG

        So no, the muffin cg is not an allusion to a pregnant Hanako, however in a non-canon deleted path she was pregnant.

      3. …I had to read this just after finishing the route too…ugh. Fine, but while I don’t agree with Zarys that material involving Hanako has been exhausted, it’s up to you if you dig up anymore.

        Because, I think, that stories never really end. Sure you can reach the last page, but are the characters and the setting really dead the moment you write that last word? We may have differing opinions on this, but I don’t think so. It sounds weird, talking like the characters and setting are still alive after the author–the god of that world he’s created–has finished with them, but…as long as readers continue to read and take the characters, setting, and story to heart, I don’t think the story will truly die, in that metaphysical sense.

        On another note, I certainly hope AG surpasses Katawa Shoujo though…but then I’ll be clamoring for an AG sequel/series, so maybe not? That being said, you do have a huge expanse of material you could go into for AG–unless you’re going to make the book an immense tome that goes into detail about every possibility you can think of. I guess time will tell.

        Anyway, good day. Thanks for the explanation about the muffin ending, even if it punched me in the heart with “anti-feels” (yes, I made the word up).

        AH! And thanks for inspiring me on what I should do with my life from now on! Your words of wisdom really helped!

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