Shit Fans Say

I’m a bit of an egoist. I’ll admit it.

I was usually first in my class in pretty much everything, and I did it without putting in much effort. I have become addicted to praise, and I guess that KS didn’t really help that. 


I’ve since learnt to put in a lot more effort, and the results have been pleasing. In a strange way, being involved in KS was the reason that I had to leave KS – I started getting more and more responsibility at work and in my personal life, but that progress came with the sacrifice of something that I loved – working in KS.


Anyway, because of this addiction to attention, I pay a lot of attention to my fans. I don’t think that I’m alone in this, and I get the feeling that a few of the KS devs are in the same boat.

But paying attention to fans also means that you see your writing reflected in ways that you never expect.

For example, here is something that I saw on Hivemind’s Tumblr  

Anonymous asked: I’m sorry I didn’t mean to kill the joke 😦 R.I.P Joke with Hisao Nakai… Really serious question Why lemon?

You’d have to ask Silentcook (or read through the question thread on the forums) to get the answer. I didn’t specify a scent.

I’ve no idea why everyone’s latched on to the lemon thing with the enthusiasm I’ve seen in the last few years. See my previous comment about throwaway lines being the things that people wind up focusing on.

I’ll admit that my memory is hazy, and the lines between the “real” KS and the “in-development” KS are impossible to distinguish, but when Hivemind was coming up with that scene, we realised that lube was a necessity, and it made sense that the gay track captain would have some of it handy in a place that he did his business. That’s why the lube was there. The lemon part was really just because Silentcook wanted to add more detail to the scene, which originally was pretty threadbare. 

Writing the sex scenes was really a problem for all of us (except maybe Suriko, who seems to have it down pat), so most of them started off as very rushed, embarrassing recollections of our (limited) sexual experiences.


But, looking from the outside in, the “lemon” part of the Emi scene was pretty memorable, and has since developed a life of its own -even though it was really just a way to add a bit of filler to an otherwise colourless scene.


And I have a confession to make. One of Hanako’s most memorable character traits was thrown in on a whim as well.

When we were re-writing Act 1, Aura had taken almost total control of the writing process. He gave the “character” writers pretty strict briefs, and we wrote the scenes for our characters to fit into his grand design. Unfortunately, when I get a brief like that, my imagination tends to shut down, and as such the writing comes out boring as batshit.

My pride took many, many hits in those hectic months as the other writers started picking my lackluster writing to pieces.


At some point, someone mentioned that Hanako was a bit flat and one dimensional. “You need to make her more real – make her more of a character.” Something like that was mentioned after I had finished my first drafts.

So I started to think. I had read somewhere that most people play little games with themselves, like stepping on dark tiles only, or not stepping on cracks in concrete… silly little games that keep your mind occupied. I have quite a few of these; when riding in a car I tend to “tap” my teeth shut when the centre lines change from unbroken to broken lines.

At the time of writing KS, I was working the Sydney Opera House, and had to walk along Circular Quay every morning – a walk what has stones of dark and light colour. I was making a point of stepping on the dark ones only.


So, needing a “character trait” to make Hanako more “real,” I threw in the Tile Game on a whim. I actually felt a little bit of resentment when I threw it in – in my mind I was “losing” to the other writers and caving in to their criticism.


And yet it is one of the traits that I read the most about when I’m reading fan comments. Since everyone has a similar “game” that they play in their day-to-day lives, they instantly were able to relate to Hanako.


Weird, isn’t it?


Anyway, I hope to write more tomorrow. See you then.


One thought on “Shit Fans Say

  1. I’ve always interpreted this scene as one in which Hanako expects Hisao to make fun of her or worries that she’s alienated one of the only people who have attempted to befriend her. When neither is the case, it builds a bit of trust on her part and shows her it’s ok to share aspects of her personality (such as inviting him to play chess for the first time just after this). When Hisao starts to do it as well, it shows us they aren’t so different. It may have been a whim (and perhaps not meant to infer anything I’ve mentioned), but it fits very well – and not just because it’s easy to relate to.

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