End of the Line

Okay, this isn’t some kind of farewell post or anything. I was running low on inspiration so I was flicking through some holiday photos in the hopes of coming up with a good topic.

I actually feel a little bad for myself. I’ve recently been working hard on being more effective and trying to set visions for myself and for my company, but that has taken a lot of my focus. As a result, the mind-wandering that usually leads me to thinking up blog posts (which, let’s face it, are rapidly becoming front-ends for Arctic Gale) is being retasked to think about better ways to motive people, to not being a dick to myself and my family (see the last post) and so on. It’s also, in some ways, letting me think about Arctic Gale a lot more, if that makes sense.

Anyway, the current draft has now surpassed 20,000 words. For those that are counting, the 20,000th word is currently “there” (it was “anyway” before I had a quick edit this afternoon). Those arbitrary markers always end up being something boring.

Today’s photo is from Daifukuyama in Chiba, Japan. Due to various restrictions I ended up traveling here with a friend. We didn’t realise that we were headed quite so far into the country, so we stopped to take photos at the end of the line. I think that this is probably my message for today – celebrate everything, no matter how mundane. If you can find one thing to celebrate in your own mind every day, then you start feeling a heck of a lot better about yourself and the world around you. And, from that, you can start working on being the best “yourself” that you can be.

Oh yeah, this was a front-end for AG Chapter 11 : https://cplcrud.wordpress.com/arctic-gale/ag-chapter-11/



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