Summertime Fun

Most of the people I know from the Northern Hemisphere, no matter how long they live on the South side of the Equator, still can’t get over the fact that Christmas and New Year’s is hot down here.

And, let’s face it, our “winters” aren’t really all that winter-y. In 2012, during the London Olympics, the forecasts for London and Sydney were almost identical. Sure, it gets below 10°C here occasionally, but that’s about it.

So, in this sweltering heat, pantless (anything to call down), I am trying to write a story set in a Tundra. I’ve only ever seen a tundra from an airplane at 35,000 ft. I’ve been in the snow maybe a dozen times, and there’s only really been one time when I’ve spent more than about 24 hours in “freezing” conditions.

It’s something that I’ve only just realised today whilst writing AG chapter 9 (now found here: ). When I get right into the flow of writing, things like the climate are simply pulled from memory, disassociated from the “reality” of the story.

That was what guys like Silentcook and Lossatarot were good for in 4LS – they would put a second pair of eyes on everything and challenge us to confirm that we really were writing from the reality of Yamaku and not of Sydney, or Hobart, or Finland, or the West US coast…

It’s a skill that is worthwhile learning, and hopefully something I remember when I finally finish the first draft of AG and then pick back through it.

Anyway, now it is time to go back and shoot a few more bubble rockets before I start getting ready for work tomorrow…



2 thoughts on “Summertime Fun

    1. I do, because I am powered by money.

      I really need to get the last few issues of Yotsuba. I think I only have up to 10 or 11, and the last few are in Moon only…

      But yes, it is an excellent reminder that it is very fun to be alive.

      Also, Bubble Rockets! Those things are awesome.

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