End of another year

You know, the longer you do something, the more surprised you get at how long you’ve been doing it.

In 5 days KS will have been out for 2 years. Add to that 5 years of production and about 2 years again of fansubbing, and that’s almost a decade of poking around in this subculture space. Way to feel old.

And in that time I’ve also had other advances in family, friends and work. It’s been fun.

Still, there are things that I didn’t get done this year that I thought I could have. I wanted to finish my guide book to Japan, but I kept facing waves of “why would yours be any better than the hundreds of others out there?”, quickly followed by “Screw it, just watch Family Guy.”

I know, procrastination. I’m going to work on that next year, but I’m thinking that this won’t really impact upon the time I have for writing (it will most likely be spent on reading and working).

I am, however, buying a kick-arse desk and a Sony Tap 21 early next year. This should hopefully get me settled quicker when I do actually find time to write. The desk is from Bo Concept and just looks like the knid of desk that you can write awesome stroies on. It’s probably Danish.

I’ll be focussing first on finishing Arctic Gale. Now that the “Story” is starting and the bulk of the characters have at least appeared I can feel something inside of me picking up the pace. Something that will make Aura and Delta very happy to know is that I have actaully written down a fairly detailed explaination of what’s going to happen from now on! And, in some senses, pacing myself a little will also let me add the flesh to the bare-bones of that story. This is what happened to the final version of the Hanako path – I was forced to write a detailed treatment of the path, but then when I wrote it I did little more than accomplish the aim of each scene before submitting it.

I will also hopefully be able to go back and flesh things out on a second draft (at the moment I basically write a chapter, read it over for consistency, and then hit “Publish”. Not a good habit, but that’s just who I am.).


Thank you to everyone that is still checking this a good 4 years after “A Runner’s Afternoon” was written, and 18 months since it was posted on 4chan (where things get popular instantly). I owe you all (especially the 15 people that have made it through to Chapter 7 of AG) my heartfelt thanks for reminind me that this is not a fruitless exercise. I’m hoping that once I have more to show of AG then it will start to gain momentum with you all as well.

So, here are two things to end the year on – Chapter 8 of AG, and a photo of some (almost) New Year’s Fireworks.




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