You are who you think you are

It has recently occurred to me that Freud might have been onto something. I’ll admit that I haven’t really read much into Freud. I studied a lot of physics, and whilst it was perfectly fine to ask “why is it so?” in a physics context, you don’t get much marks unless you can somehow jam an integration in the answer somehow.

Still, I read quite a lot, and I’m guessing that a lot of those people have read Freud. I’m getting Freudian hearsay.

Anyway, the part of Freud that I agree with is that we closely follow our parent’s (or significant parent-figure’s) examples more closely than we’d like to admit.

But I’m still trying to work out which part is the chicken and which is the egg. Is it that we have these stereotypes of what an “Adult” and a “Parent” are, so we ret-con our thinking patterns to fill in the blanks, or are we really hard-wired to end up like our parents, and the manifest behaviors are really flowing from that?

Is that the same question asked two ways?

Honestly, I don’t know.

I marathon’d John Safran’s “Murder in Mississippi” today on a plane trip. I’ve followed quite a bit of Safran’s work. Long story short, there was a pair of guys from my high school that showed up on “Race around the Corner” – a high-school version of the ABC’s “Race Around the World,” in which teams were given basic production equipment and had to produce a mini-documentary show each week. Whilst the guys from my school were humping cameras around the Blue Mountains, Safran was doing pieces on American towns with silly names, like “Chicken”.

A friend of mine also bought me a copy of the DVD for Race Relations, in which Safran looks into inter-racial and inter-faith relationships. At the time I was already dating my wife, so my friend went to a signing and had Safran scribble “Crud, have you sniffed XXX’s panties? – John”.

So yeah, anyway, in quite a literary day I have written another chapter of Arctic Gale.


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