Back on the Road Again

It’s kind of weird writing Arctic Gale again. The fight scene in Chapter 5 is something that I envisaged about 7 years ago, and yet it is still clear in my mind. I probably should re-read it and edit it, but that’s not really my style.

Honestly, if there is someone out there that could put up with my shit I’d like to team up with someone on this… but anyway.

The story from now will hopefully pick up the pace. I’m not sure how many people are actually reading it, but I’m having fun writing about a chick running around shooting people in the chest. Sucking chest wounds for all! As much as I love Hanako I’m really liking the break from teen girl’s love issues and the cost/benefit relationship of technical theatre upgrades – two things that I have written too much of in recent years.

I’ve also started working on Translating Higurashi Kaku (Outbreak). It feels good to finally be able to actually translate an anime, as opposed to one of the “lesser” roles like timing, editing, or typesetting (all of which, of course, are actually quite vital). We’re still looking for an encoder and some way to distro the release when we are done, but I’m sure that those things will come up in due course. Maybe I just need to hit up Twitter again.

Anyway, I think it is shower time now. Maybe I can put fresh eyes on AG 5 and make it a little cooler before anyone from the US reads it (not that anyone reading it seems to have been an issue at all – a quick check shows that only 4 people have made it to Chapter 4). As always, comments welcome, especially on action scenes!

Today’s photo is of Hinamizawa (aka Shirakawa-go) in celebration of Higurashi. I should really load more photos into my laptop for this purpose.



4 thoughts on “Back on the Road Again

  1. Don’t know how I missed it when you posted Chapter 4, but now I’m caught up and thoroughly enjoying your work here. I’m looking forward to what I’m guessing will be a bumpy ride over the next couple of chapters. Keep it up!

  2. Hey, if you’re looking for an editor I’d be glad to help out – I’ve been looking for some editing practice lately anyway. I’ve listed my writing blog as my website in this comment, since that’s the only way I can really show credentials. Cheers.

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