On Holidays

Okay. So I have finished most of my excuses for not blogging. My third thesis paper is now with the examiners, and for those that are interested I will post it on my professional blog once I have the results.


I’m now about 20% through my annual leave, and I have decided that I’ll post a photo from each day. If I somehow end up not having a good day’s shooting I’ll cheat somehow…


I am really looking forward to getting back to writing. It’s been a while, and I really want to finish either “Run” or “Arctic Gale”. AG is probably the front runner, given that I have another five or so chapters written, and I have been thinking about where to take it from now.


I’m also now travelling with my parents. One is crippled by MS, and the other has a near-fatal case of ADHD. This is leading to some tension; one physically cannot move any faster than a turtle on Valium, whilst the other cannot stay still unless asleep – literally. As you can imagine, this is creating a bit of tension. 

However, as both of them are about as “red-neck” as Australians can get, they are proving to be great inspiration for the guide book that I’d like to write for Japan.


It also turns out that this trip is the 10th official time that I have entered Japan. That kinda feels good. I also get to meet Raide again, and probably Hir from the Japanese KS Translation team. Also Lulz from the IRC channel (if anyone goes there). So there should be some interesting stories there.


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