Yes, I do feel bad for leaving you guys. That doesn’t count as an apology, by the way


In fact, it’s been ages since I’ve even looked here for new comments…


For those of you that have written a thesis, you will sympathise with me when I mention that I have 8 weeks left for mine. Yes, it is only a Master’s thesis, however there are a lot of interviews required for this one. Add that to an already insane schedule and you end up with no writing time.

The good news is that in about 2 months’ time I will have one less excuse not to blog. The overarching “family” and “job” excuses will still loom, however I should be able to wrangle the 2-3 hours per week that are making up my master’s work into shape for writing.


Some priorities there:

1) Bash A Runner’s Afternoon and Final Finale into e-book shape

2) Edit what I have left of Arctic Gale and upload it 

3) Decide between AG and Run to continue in the near future

4) Get cracking on the actual e-book I wanted to write about Japan


So hopefully there will be some stuff there.


I am trying to think of an anecdote or similar to fill the gap here, but I am pulling a blank, so I will leave you with a picture of a German baby-change room. It’s funny because it looks like the baby has an erection.



4 thoughts on “Absenteeism

    1. I think that Frankfurt is possibly the most boring place on earth. I can hardly think of anything to say about it apart from maybe the camouflage-painted lambo that was in the red light district (this was in times before I booked my own hotels…). Apart from that… nuttin’

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