Things you wish you didn’t know… but that you should.

A few weeks ago I poorly explained the fact that I like to know secrets. Knowing that I have exclusive access to somewhere really gets my motor going.


One of the points I was trying to make in that post is that I sometimes take that too far. Given the chance, I would go to the Chernobyl reactor just to see what it was like. I will (and, I guess in some cases, have) put myself in harm’s way so that I can “know” more.

In some ways, I think that this has allowed me to have a broader opinion on a lot of topics. I also hope that it has made what I scribble down here a little more interesting.


But there is one topic that almost brings me to a combination of tears, bile, and vomit. It’s human trafficking. However, when presented with information, I am compelled to read it all, to try to understand all parts of the story, and ultimately, to tell it to you all.

I’ve poked around Human Trafficking a little, reading small news reports, and generally being ashamed to be a man with typical male sex drive.

However, I recently bought Slavery, Inc, and have devoted a lot of my (very limited) spare time to reading it. I’m only 60% through it (thanks, Kindle!) but there are so many stories in there that you really wish weren’t real.

One in particular almost reads like bad horror. It is the story of a girl who had escaped the clutches of her captors after who knows how many years of being whored out. She recalls the story of a girl a few years older than her who tried to escape. The other girl was from a foreign country, and knew few words in the language beyond “Mister” and “Yum Yum”.
One day she escaped by hiding in the Madam’s car. As punishement, the remaining girls were locked in their rooms for two days without food.

On the third day they were released and fed a chicken curry. Obviously starving, they wolfed down the curry. When they had all finished, the Madam told them that they had just eaten the runaway, and that they would suffer the same fate should they try to escape.


Now, there’s no way for me to verify this story; even the journalist writing the book notes that this could simply be a mind-game. But it doesn’t change the fact that there is a concerted effort around the world to buy and sell children for sex. Even girls that are “old enough” to make the choice to become prostitutes were probably coerced into that position one way or the other.


However, as much as I wish I didn’t know that this happened, I’m also glad that I do know. I have no idea how I can put a stop to this trade, but at least I am not feigning ignorance anymore.


Anyway, in lighter news, I have basically shirked my work duties after 14 straight days on, and I’ve done a bit of an edit on the next chapter of Arctic Gale.

Please check it out, and let me know how I can improve my “Action” writing.

And now, back to reading.


6 thoughts on “Things you wish you didn’t know… but that you should.

  1. God, I must be a masochist, because I just added that book to my reading list… I have a feeling this is going to be like back in college when two separate classes were focusing on primary accounts of genocide simultaneously. Yay…

    1. It’s not really a nice topic to read about, however it’s also one that can’t really be ignored.

      I’ve got no idea how to stop genocide, or child prostitution, nor any of those evil things. I think all that any of us can do is continue to be aware of them, and if you have the chance to make some kind of a difference, even a small one, then we should take it.

  2. Ugh, I remember doing a study on child soldiers in college. Did you know that a child can operate an AK-47? The gun only weighs nine pounds or so when fully loaded, has very few moving parts, and they can be abused beyond belief and still function. They don’t use young kids as real soldiers usually, no, they just have the kids sling the guns at their hips, make them walk in a line, and gun down innocents in the way. They shoot them full of heroin, and sometimes have them kill their own parents. The idea is that they then tell the kids, “You’re bad, now. All you got is us, we’re your brothers. The world wouldn’t want you back.” It’s scary that gangs use a lot of the same tactics. Not killing their parents, per se, but have them doing something terrible, like rape or something else horrible, and the whole “brotherhood,” mentality makes it all stick. Turning children into mindless-shock troops, how low can it get. Human trafficking seems to be the other side of the coin.

    I’m going to watch youtube clips of puppies now…

    1. Honestly, this kind of shit makes me want to go out and go all rouge on these kinds of people.

      There are a few times where you feel completely hopeless, and reading stories like this one is just one of them.

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