I’m not sure if I like Dubstep

I’ll be honest. I have never really associated with one type of music over another. I’ve bought who knows how many CDs and tracks, but I don’t think I’ve ever bought a band t-shirt. And a few years in the theatre industry meant that I’ve probably been to more concerts of a diverse nature than most other people.


But then… dubstep.


Don’t get me wrong; I don’t hate it. There are some tracks that make me go “huh, interesting.” But I’ve not yet been inspired to spend money on it.


Now, I’m sure that I’m bound to invoke the ire of many by saying this, but I do like this track:

That’s Chronicles of a Fallen Love by the Bloody Beetroots.

I’m not sure why, but I would really like it to be the ending theme to something that I’ve written. Obviously, this isn’t really your standard high school romance type of track. However, every time I hear it on the radio I just wish that something like this was written for something that I had written.


So anyway, track like this inspire me. When I was writing KS I was constantly listening to music (embarrassingly, it was mostly anime songs that I could barely understand at the time).

The emergence of dubstep as a popular form of music seems to have inspired me to re-visit the violence-fuelled writings of my past.

Whilst I haven’t really “taken the axe” to Arctic Gale in the sense that Suriko and SilentCook took the axe to the Hanako Path, I feel that I’ve started to edit AG with more vigour.


So please, let me know if it is working. If that is the case then I’ll go and buy the Bloody Beetroot’s CD and listen to it on repeat on my impending flight to Germany



2 thoughts on “I’m not sure if I like Dubstep

  1. Hmm, the song’s not that bad. I was expecting your link to contain an actual dubstep song… This one’s more Electro house than dubstep if you ask me.

    I don’t necessarily have anything against dubstep except that, well, like with every newly-emerged music genres in history, it’s typically associated with teen culture, the current popular trend and – if you will – the average college “dudebro” party-go’er of that time. That said, it might be nice for you if you found the perfect Skrillex song to accompany the blood-letting aspect of your stories, but some of your more sensitive readers might hear of the soundtrack and immediately be reminded of mindless teenage culture instead of being further immersed in your story like you would want them to.

    I think a good example of choice of music gone wrong is the use of dubstep in one of the trailers of “Red Tails”, with the aforementioned movie being based on real-life events from WW2. Not a very good choice artistically, you would agree (but a good one if you were also trying to pander to the mainstream audience, especially for more cash…).

    Anyway, where you should get your inspiration isn’t really our business. I’m just putting in words my reason for being this edgy hipster that dislikes hearing about dubstep in general, since oversaturation of something tends to make it harder and harder to digest no matter where you make use of it.

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