I know it is out of character…

… to post two posts in one week, let alone in two hours, but honestly:




Someone made tea inspired by KS.

Little do they know that I probably ingested my body weight ten times over in tea during my involvement with the project.


As for the “non-compliance with the CC licence” thing… there is actually not much that the CC licence covers, especially in Australia.

I really wish I did my masters before committing so much time to defending my “rights” on teh intarwebs. Would have saved me a lot of time.


4 thoughts on “I know it is out of character…

  1. I think it’s kinda cute that they made tea out of a VN …It even sounds pretty funny to type ^^’ I just kinda wanted to ask if there’s any given option to ask you something out of the eyes for others to read.

    1. … you mean my opinion of the teas?
      I kind of think that they are harmless, however I do take a little bit of offence at the fact that someone is commercialising something that we explicitly made for free.

      1. Sorry for how I formulated my comment. I wanted to ask you more privatly (So that others won’t read my question.) I wanted to ask you for a specific permission for a project I’m currently working on. It would be really nice if you could write me an e-mail or anything like that.

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