I Like Dead Trees

I mentioned a few posts back that I had found the last lot of writing that I was working on before joining 4LS. From memory, I even tried writing both in parallel for a time, but it never seemed to happen.

Anyway, since I thought the story had some merit, and I couldn’t think of a plot for a Horror VN that I, just now, thought would be an awesome idea, I’ve thought that I’ll go through the existing story and clean it up a little.

So, lo and behold, how do I begin this story?

A gust of wind whipped along the tundra, stirring the branches of a long-dead tree; a freezing wind, the kind that cut through your clothes, shooting bolts of pain into your bones.

Sound familiar?Let me jog your memory:

A light breeze causes the naked branched overhead to rattle like wind chimes.

Okay, so the original had “xylophone” in it but that was deemed too difficult for the Katawa Shoujo readership…


Still, I didn’t even realise that I had put exactly the same setting in the first line of both of the things I was working on at the time. In fact, I had even read all of the draft of “Arctic Gale” and didn’t even realise it.

What does that mean? I don’t know. Perhaps I’m deluding myself into thinking that I’m actually creative. For those of you that follow 4LS’s Secret Santa you’ll understand that I’m not an artist.


Anyway, please have a read of the Prologue to Arctic Gale. I’ll put up a Blurb on the place holder page in a bit. But for now, I should really read some more about defamation.


One thought on “I Like Dead Trees

  1. The fact that you think of winter and dormant trees come to mind and said thought appears in more than one of your projects in no way discounts your creativity. Somethings are just iconic to us and naturally tied together. The prologue seems very well crafted in my opinion. Look forward to more.

    Since you referenced KS – and since I so enjoyed Final Finale – especially the scenes from Hanako’s POV, I can’t stop thinking how nice it would’ve been to see things (perhaps pivotal scenes or instances in which Hisao misread something) from her side in KS. Of course the other thing that’s bothered me since first reading her route (and this is no slight to you) is that we were denied a scene in which Lilly learned of their confession. Just saying, if you ever get the itch to share how you think such things would’ve went down – I for one would be all about it.

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