Due to my early separation from 4LS, I don’t share the same kindred bond that some of the other do. I really wish that I did, but the amount of time I’ve have to spend on IRC in order to catch up is impossible. Besides, there are more dedicated fans that would easily outrank me in terms of “friendship”.


And thus, when I get the chance to meet a Dev (and they actually agree) I jump on it.


It looks like I’ll actually get to meet Raide next month.


In a complete fluke, Raide asked me to help him with his itinerary for his first Japan trip. I managed to give hi ma whole bunch of ideas before I realised that I would also be in Tokyo at the same time. So we both shuffled things a little, and now there is a very real possibility that we will get to share a romantic night in an Onsen…. It’s totally not gay.


I think I will try and connect more with the other devs in order to rekindle the love-hate relationship that we once shared.



Also, I’ve now scheduled the rest of The Barbecue. There are two reasons for this:

1) According to the stats, no-one is reading it at all, so it will do no harm to my reputation.

2) I have found some of my more interesting stories from before KS, including the project I was working on in late 2006 (which I shelved in order to start writing KS). I’m thinking I might clean that up and give it a shot. It’s only about 9000 words in, and I haven’t touched it for 6 years, but I still remember the plot as clear as a bell. I’ll polish up the prologue and post it for comment. 

I will admit that it is an action piece, not a high school drama. 




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  1. Stats lie, I looked through it. Just once however. Also I am glad to hear you are meeting other devs in person. It just seems better with you still part of the over all 4LS team for the mini culture its created.

  2. The fact that you mentioned having left early from the team made me wonder.

    The ending was presumably written by Suriko, the co-writer of Hanako’s route.

    I’m pretty curious, having really enjoyed her character and your writing — what would you have done with her ending? Or more specifically if you’d be so candid; what would you change about it now?

    1. That’s a tough one. Suriko expanded on the basic plot that I left. I would have kept the fire as it was described in “Future” (somewhere on this blog), but that’s really just semantics.

      I probably wouldn’t have done much different; the reason being that by the time I left all of the paths were already “set” in our minds. So Suriko and I were playing off the saw sheet of music.

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